Stickney: The ‘correct’ grip |

Stickney: The ‘correct’ grip

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

The first question I get from a new player is where do I place my hands on the grip of the club? My immediate response is to always place the “V’s” somewhere between your right ear and right trapezius muscle.

The “V’s” are formed at the junction where your thumb and index finger meet, wherever they point shows where your grip is going.

Remember- the “V’s” must point the same direction in both your hands- this point is grossly misunderstood! Everyone’s rotation and hand speed through impact are different so there is no one proper grip position for every player. If you are a player with a strong rotation thought the ball (like Tom Lehman) you need to try the grip where the “V’s” are pointing to your right ear (picture).

If you tend to stall out through the ball and never quite “finish” the shot (like most amateurs) try a stronger grip, one where the “V’s” go to your right trapezus muscle (the big bump just to the right of your neck). If you will play around with these grip types you will start to understand the role of educating your hands within the rotation of your body and straighter shots will occur!

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