Stickney: The right knee’s role |

Stickney: The right knee’s role

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

In the early days of instruction the thought of turning the hips as much as possible on the way back was the key to unlocking power and accuracy; but, today after hundreds of biomechanical studies we have seen something much different!

For mechanical consistency it has been proven that a tighter hip motion on the way back will instigate a more powerful unwinding of the torso through the ball, which will equate to more power for us all.

You must control the hips by learning to control the right knees two actions. . .the right knee must hold its flex, so you do not overturn the hips, and the right knee must hold its position over the right instep so you do not sway laterally!

The Golfing Machine describes this hip action stating that basically your shoulders will lead and power your backstroke, and then your hips will lead and power your downstroke for maximum efficiency.

This will only hold true if your right knee holds its flex and positioning to the top- watch O’Meara, Norman, or Tiger! Give this a try, and I’m sure you will see the difference.

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