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Stop showing that on television

Chris Fred
Vail, CO, Colorado
Chris Freud

Just a little note to the powers that be at ESPN and Fox. There are more than four teams in baseball. We do not need to see the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, New York Mets and San Francisco Giants in every national broadcast.

The Red Sox-Yankees is the most-over hyped rivalry in baseball. It’s only been a rivalry since 2004 when Boston actually proved it could beat New York in the postseason (either one of them). Yes, the nation enjoyed the 2004 ALCS, but we’re tired it being shoved down our throats. Further, the Yanks aren’t making the playoffs. They’re a .500 team. Enough.

The Giants are so dreadful that I have a hard time watching them, which says a lot. Barry Bonds will hit No. 756 against the Dodgers in San Francisco during the series after the All-Star Break. We don’t need to see their ineptitude on SportsCenter every night.

The Red Sox are the best team in baseball now and the Mets lead the NL East. They merit air time. That having been said, the Mets are on ESPN three times next week, Ugh.

– Teams that should be on ESPN: Milwaukee, Detroit (on tonight against the Braves on ESPN), the Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona, San Diego and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the General Southern California Area but not in Nevada.

– You are warned now. The Oakland A’s will win the AL West. The Athletics have been banged up for the first half of the season and have hung in the race. They are also historically a great second-half team. Book them for October. That’s also a reason that the Yankees won’t earn the Wild Card. It’s going to the Angels or whoever doesn’t win the Central.

– Here’s another thing which should not be on TV ” coverage of NFL minicamps. It is June, people. I love football. I bleed 49er red and gold, when I’m not bleeding Giants black and gold. I don’t care about it in June.

The NFL Network, which is great for showing old NFL Films material, has time to fill, so it’s showing minicamps. ESPN, responding to this threat, spent the last two weeks on SportsCenter breaking down each of the division races three months before the season even begins. Stop it.

– OK, this is starting to sound like an episode of “Seinfeld.” What’s the deal with poker on TV? I’ve got nothing against a weekly $10 game at a friend’s house, but on TV? Even worse is on ESPN Classic, where you’re watching re-runs of people playing cards.

– It’s officially a full-fledged rant. Hot-dog eating is not a sport. It shouldn’t be on ESPN. If it should be on the tube anywhere, it should be on the Discovery Health Channel because those who are eating hot dogs at that rate or watching people eating hot dogs are candidates for a heart attack.

– So to review, I’ve got the Red Sox and the Mets in the Series come October, when I’ll be snacking on hot dogs and watching the Fall Classic with two TV sets ” the other will be on poker.

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