Strategies for singles play |

Strategies for singles play

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There are different techniques to playing against different singles stylesGo into every match with a game plan suited to both your ability and your opponent’s game. It is important to adjust tactics for different game situations.

Here are a few professional suggestions:– Against a defensive “Human Backboard” – Try coming in to put the ball away, cutting it off and ending the “moonballs” (high arcing shots).Try hitting short angles to open the court for a winner on the next shot.

Hit a drop shot to draw him to the net, which will be unfriendly territory to him.– Against a player with excessive topspin – Move farther behind the baseline to allow time for the spin to play itself out. Topspin eventually lands short, a good time to attack. Move in and take the ball on the rise.Come in selectively – only behind a good approach shot, because topspinners usually pass well.

— Against a hard hitter – Stand back and shorten your swing. Keep the ball in play at all costs, because a hard hitter usually clears the net by a small margin and will soon make mistakes.– Against a big spin server – Don’t stand where you normally do. Either move in and attack before the spin has time to take its full effect, or take two or three steps back to give spin time to work its way out.Ed Jacques is a tennis professional at the Vail Racquet Club.Vail, Colorado

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