Svindal almost ready to head home |

Svindal almost ready to head home

Ian Cropp
Vail, CO Colorado
WC Aksel Lund Svindal SM 12-2-06

VAIL ” Aksel Lund Svindal is back on his feet.

After a severe crash during a World Cup downhill training run Nov. 27 at Beaver Creek that left him with several facial fractures and a deep laceration in his leg, Svindal is almost ready to go home.

“I can get out of bed now and walk around and up the stairs and stuff like that,” Svindal said Wednesday afternoon from the Vail Valley Medical Center during a phone interview. “Except for that, I’m laying in bed and trying to recover the best I can.”

The great Norwegian skier with a big smile said he was unconscious for a bit after the crash that may keep him off skis for this season.

“I remember most of it,” Svindal said. “But there are a couple of seconds that are gone for sure, like from the first big impact until I saw people taking care of me and talking to me. They were there fast, but they couldn’t have been there that fast.”

Initially, Svindal wasn’t in a lot of pain.

“Right away, you’re body has so much adrenaline that it didn’t feel that bad actually,” he said. “When I got to the hospital, I realized it was pretty serious when they started checking out different stuff.”

In addition to the surgery that doctors at the Vail Valley Medical Center performed on his broken facial bones, Svindal had what was described as, “minor abdominal surgery,” which related to the cut in the back of his leg.

“(The cut) was so deep that they were a little concerned about internal stuff, so they went in through the stomach to check out to see all the stuff inside was OK,” Svindal said. “Things seemed good, so they closed it back up, but after being inside there it still takes time for that stuff to heal.

“The second and third day wasn’t very good, but after that I’ve been recovering well.”

Svindal, who was joined by his father in the hospital, has received plenty of visitors and well wishes from all over.

“I’ve had a lot of calls and things being sent like flowers, and people have been super friendly,” he said. “It’s really nice, but I was really tired, so you kind of have to concentrate to be at your best when you have


Svindal, who said he’s never been in a hospital before, was thankful he didn’t have to travel far following his crash.

“I’m happy when stuff like this happens that I happened in a place where I could be so well taken care of,” he said.

While his injuries were severe, Svindal said there won’t be any lasting damage.

“Eventually, I’ll be fully healed,” Svindal said.

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