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Sweep the leg: The sports editor is back

Lower the Netflix intake, Freud

Nolan Arenado and the Colorado Rockies are in playoff contention. This is what happens when the sports editor leaves for three months. That, or we're in the middle of a global pandemic.
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I’m back.

Yes, it’s probably over the top to announce my return like Michael Jordan, but I did rewatch “The Last Dance” on Netflix during my sabbatical.

Yes, far too much Netflix. I liked “Designated Survivor” and “The Umbrella Academy,” but the real winner was “Cobra Kai.” That was a nice mixture of making fun of the the original movie series, “Karate Kid,” et al, with a touch of the stupidity of “Beverly Hills 90210.” Will Miguel live and be able to come back to fight the evil monsters of Cobra Kai, while eventually capturing the heart of Samantha LaRusso? I’m guessing it will be so.

I’m trying “Breaking Bad,” but, holy Bryan Cranston, it’s dark. No spoilers, please. I’m in the first season.

While watching our comments’ section turn into “Lord of the Flies,” — how is requiring a mask a violation of your civil liberties? — I golfed a lot. It didn’t help much. I hit a goose two weeks ago. The goose was fine. He/she, nonplussed, simply flew to the nearby pond. (The goose apparently didn’t realize the water wouldn’t be any safer.)

The last few times I have played, there have been considerably fewer geese. Perhaps it’s Darwinism or simply migratory patterns.

While I’ve been out terrorizing fowl, the sports world has gone and gotten itself all politicized. (Yes, vast oversimplification.) Get used to it, people. It’s not stopping anytime soon. Heck, hockey, the palest of sports, even walked off the job.

We’re going to have NFL players kneeling all over the place in fewer than two weeks when the season starts. You can huff and puff all you want about never watching the NFL again. We’re calling bull-hooey on that. You’ll watch.

Heck, I spent Saturday night viewing Austin Peay and North Carolina Central on ESPN because we’re all that desperate for football. And despite your protestations to the contrary, the ratings will be boffo. (Broncos-Texans in T-minus-12 days.)

I’ve noticed we’re trying this 60-game-baseball-season thing. The Rockies (and the Giants) are in playoff contention in September. I would have required you to be drug-tested if you had said this a year ago.

How funny is it going to be to see the Dodgers knocked out at some point during four rounds of playoffs with the Astros winning the “World Series.” You can’t say that the COVID-19 world doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Then there’s watching playoff basketball and hockey during the summer? The Avs are trying to force Game 7 Wednesday night, while the Nuggets were playing the decider against the Jazz on Tuesday night. The NHL and NBA bubbles are working, but they’re not a long-term solution.

The Pac-12 and the Big Ten shut down while the ACC, Big 12 and SEC will soldier on with a season. Aside from proving America’s insatiable desire for sports, this shows how much of sham the NCAA is when it comes to amateurism. The schools need to pay these players because they are saving their schools’ bacon.

In the meantime, It’s really nice to be back. As much as I love golf, the geese needed a break and I need to go into “Karate Kid” detox.

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