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Teter ready for U.S. Burton Open

John LaConteVail, CO Colorado
hannahsgold.com | Special to the DailyHannah Teter rides Chair 6 in Vail on Monday with Louie Vito, left, and Greg Bretz on the way to take a practice run at the 31st Burton U.S. Open.

U.S. Open competitor Hannah Teter has her own ice cream flavor courtesy of Ben and Jerry’s – Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie.Teter, like Ben and Jerry’s, is from Vermont – also the home of the Burton U.S. Open for its first 30 years until this year’s move to Vail for the 31st installment.And while the special-edition Hannah Teter ice cream was short-lived, Teter’s snowboarding career is not.She comes from a family of great snowboarders and U.S. Open veterans andwon Olympic gold in 2006 and silver in 2010. She’s piled up a stack of X Games medals along the way, as well.But aside from all of those basic intimidation factors, she has another advantage over her competitors here in Vail.She doesn’t have to live out of a hotel.”It’s been super nice to stay at Elijah’s pad and train with him,” she said on Sunday. “It’s veryconvenientto have (the Burton U.S. Open]) here at Vail; this is one of the better mountains so it’s been super nice.”Her brother, Elijah Teter, is the head halfpipe coach for Ski a& Snowboard Club Vail and lives in the valley. In 2005 Elijah, Hannah and their brother Abe all made it to finals in the U.S. Open, the first and only time a sibling trio has ever made it to finals in a major snowboarding competition.”I’m really excited for it,” she said about this year’s Open. “It’s always the bigcompetitionat the end of the year and all the countries are here, so you’ll see the best from every country show up.”She described this year’s U.S. Open in Vail as an Olympic prepper.”You’ll get an idea of what you need for next year,” she said. “I can’t wait to see the level of competition for this weekend.”Her Olympic goals?”I want to go to the Olympics to win, not to get one of those places that doesn’t matter,” she said.One tough TeterWith the hardware she’s already earned have come a few bumps and bruises.She took the hardest fall of her career at last year’s U.S. Open, and had to be ushered off the course to the hospital where they told her she suffered a concussion.Just weeks before that fall, she receivedplatelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment on a nagging shoulder injury, describing it as the most painful thing she has ever experienced. The shoulder treatment was going really well, up until Teter went launching off an enormous, 22-foot quarterpipe wall into a volleyball-court sized air bag at Golden Peak in January. The practice is supposed to be among the safest options the sport provides, but Teter found some bad luck out there and dislocated her shoulder again.”It was anawkwardlanding that totally got me,” she said.She rested a few days before returning to the snow.”She just needed a week and she was back at it,” Elijah said. Not one to be slowed down by bodily set-backs, Teter is always working on improving her run, which isrecognizableby hersignature900-Teter was the first woman ever to land a 900 in competition way back in 2002 at the Junior World Championships.”I want want to go for new tricks this summer, and this spring, to really get something going,” she said. “The Olympics is going to be insane.”‘See the huge benefits a little bit of money can do’After achieving her first Olympic medal in ’06, Teter widened her focus to include a significant amount ofcharity work.She sponsors a village in Kenya, and has raised more than $300,000 for improvements there. Chief among her fundraising efforts in Africa is a website called hannahsgold.com, where you can buy maple syrup with the proceeds benefiting the small village of Kirindon.”We’ve been working on bringing in clean water there,” she said. “They had no way of getting clean water before … it’s going really well. “The Teter family sponsored a child while Hannah was growing up, where she saw first hand the benefits of charity work.”You could see the huge benefits a little bit of money could do,” she said.She helps other charities, as well, and while her approach to fundraising may be slightly unorthodox,she makes it easy to get involved. In an effort to bring sports to underprivileged children around the world she sells a product that caters to women, but male readers may want to check out her website as well – strictly for donation purposes, of course.”We sell panties at sweetcheekspanties.com,” said Teter. “The money goes to help Children International and their Game On program. “Check out Hannah Teter in the women’s halfpipe today with semifinals starting at 10 a.m.

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