The book is right: Devils girls beat Junction |

The book is right: Devils girls beat Junction

GRAND JUNCTION — Eagle Valley girls basketball won on Tuesday night.

For real.

The Devils knocked off Grand Junction, 54-38.


No fooling.

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“Yeah, 54-38,” Devils coach Sam Bartlett joked … sort of.

If you haven’t heard, Eagle Valley officially lost to Montrose, 41-38, in overtime on Saturday at the Steamboat Springs Shootout. The kicker is that official book for that game had the Devils leading 34-31 at the end of regulation, meaning there really shouldn’t have been an overtime, in which the Indians ended up winning the game.

Despite Eagle Valley scoring more points than Montrose, which is generally the point of the exercise, it seems that the result on the scoreboard, even if in error, becomes official once the refs leave the court.

That did not put the Devils in a good mood on Tuesday night.

“We kind of took that nasty feeling in our stomach on to the court,” Bartlett said. “Playing tonight was definitely the best medicine.”

And an angry Kylie Martin is a terrifying prospect. She had 27 points, while Ashley Amavista had 10. This speaks well of the Devils (7-2) in the mental-toughness department. They did not let the Montrose issue carry over.

Meanwhile, the Eagle Valley boys had tough go of it Tuesday, falling to Grand Junction, 66-35.

According to coach Chris Walls, the Devils (5-3) could not buy a bucket. The bigger issue is to avoid having a three-game losing streak snowball.

“We got off to a good start (tonight),” Walls said. “That’s what we focus on. When shots aren’t falling or other things aren’t going right, we focus on fundamentals. We’re going into Grand Valley before Christmas, and I feel like we’re in pretty good spirits.”

Both squads are at Grand Valley on Saturday.

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