The Chiefs will crush the 49ers in the Super Bowl |

The Chiefs will crush the 49ers in the Super Bowl

This is a sure-fire prediction

Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes is styling as he arrives in Miami for Super Bowl LIV earlier this week. But will he be styling on Sunday?
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Come on, Broncos fans, hop on the bandwagon.

You know you can’t root for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, and I’ve heard tell that rooting for Mr. Peanut in the commercials might not work either.

Join the fun, or finally have some fun this season, Broncos fans. You know you want the Chiefs to be stuck on Super Bowl IV, Hank Stram and matriculating the ball down the field in old NFL Films footage.

Join the Dark Side — it really isn’t dark — and “Kyle, I am your father,” actually applies within the Shanahan family.

Seriously, I had Kyle Shanahan going to the Broncos after the 2016 season. Thanks, though.

Here’s why the Niners will win or not. (I’ll explain later.)

Jimmy G will throw the ball

In San Francisco’s playoff run, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw all of 27 passes for 208 yards against Minnesota and Green Bay because San Francisco ran all over the Vikings and the Packers.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) reacquaints himself with the concept of the forward pass in practice before Super Bowl LIV. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)
Super Bowl 49ers Football

Will Garoppolo ever remember how to throw a completion and keep up with the Chiefs on the scoreboard? This is really sounding like a flashback to Joe Montana versus Dan Marino in 1985.

Garoppolo is no Montana — because no one is; genuflect, all — but do you see how the Niners have the play-action set up perfectly for the Chiefs?

San Francisco can run the ball against the Chiefs because Kansas City’s defense just isn’t that good. They will run the ball against the Chiefs because eating clock is the best way to defend quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

When you start to see the Chiefs edging up into the box, here comes tight-end George Kittle or wide-receivers Deebo Samuel or Emmanuel Sanders (thank you) and Garoppolo popping the play action for big gains.

If you’ve actually been watching all season — and lucky for you, I have; funny how this works — Garoppolo is actually a lot more than a “game manager.” He’s carried the team at various points during the season. He’ll do a lot more than just hand off on Sunday.

Patrick Mahomes

Yes, he’s a scary dude. And so are Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins. There’s a lot of firepower there. Yet as good as the Chiefs offense is, the unit cannot become one-dimensional.

And Chiefs coach Andy Reid seems to have eschewed the run. Yes, the Chiefs ran a little more against the Texans and the Titans during the postseason, but the Niners’ front seven against the Chiefs’ offensive line and backfield is a good matchup for San Francisco.

Niners’ defensive end Dee Ford is back after missing the second half of the season with an injury, and it makes all the difference. San Francisco’s front four can pressure any quarterback in the NFL — it’s been doing it all season.

Kansas City will pop big a few big plays because its offense is that good, but I still like San Francisco to keep Mahomes from going absolutely hog wild on Sunday.

By hog wild, we mean just keep Kansas City at 31 points or fewer, get a few stops and one or two turnovers, and the Niners are good to go.

The theme of the Super Bowl throughout its history is great defenses beat great offenses.

But …

I have a history of jinxing my teams in print, so Garoppolo will throw three picks. The Chiefs will shut down the Niners’ rushing attack. Mahomes will break Steve Young’s Super Bowl touchdown record by throwing for seven scores.

Chiefs 49, Niners 26.

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