The Cycle Effect hires Molly Gamble as program coordinator |

The Cycle Effect hires Molly Gamble as program coordinator

Molly Gamble
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The Cycle Effect, a nonprofit working to empower young women through mountain biking, has hired Molly Gamble as program coordinator to support the organization’s growth.

With a background in secondary education and coaching for The Cycle Effect, Gamble immediately connected with the supportive environment she found on the team and the amazing grit, perseverance and confidence that the athletes and coaches practiced. This connection inspired her to deepen her work and involvement with the local organization and to bring these unique experiences to this new position on the programming team.

Beginning as a volunteer in 2017, Gamble prioritized developing her skills as a coach and mentor and sought training to support the team as an assistant coach before being promoted to a head coach. As the Edwards team head coach for the past three years, Gamble sought out opportunities, including gaining BICP instructor certification, to better support athletes on the team. She utilized her expertise in critical pedagogy to create and grow the mentorship curriculum for other coaches. She also helped to design and implement The Cycle Effect pilot program in Routt County this year.

“I have firsthand experience of how powerful the impact of this program can be for the communities that The Cycle Effect is in,” Gamble said in a news release. “My favorite part about coaching for The Cycle Effect was seeing growth and progress with skills and social emotional wellness throughout the season. This includes the rewarding experience of seeing each athlete become more confident as they learn more about the sport, find courage to try hard things, and be their authentic selves as they access the trails in their own backyard. This program breaks down barriers and provides a safe space for these young people to navigate learning a new sport and how those skills translate to their everyday life.”

“We are thrilled for Molly to join our team in this role,” said Peter Barclay, program director for The Cycle Effect. “Our program is impacting more athletes in more communities and the coordinator will support this growth in programming. Molly’s history and background as a volunteer, coach, head coach and now a full-time staff member allows her to jump straight in and support our organization and families from Day 1. Molly’s infectious positive energy is seen every day at practice, and we are looking forward to that energy flowing through the whole organization.”

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Now serving 285 girls throughout three counties (Summit, Eagle and Mesa), The Cycle Effect helps young women build brighter futures and become leaders within their communities and beyond. With 70% Latina enrollment and 86% of riders coming from low-income families, the organization aims to break down the barriers in mountain biking and get more girls out on bikes.

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