The nothing happened high school sports column |

The nothing happened high school sports column

Chris Freud

In breaking news from the world of high school sports, absolutely nothing happened.

You might have noticed it snowed a lot.

The Vail Daily’s sports department’s official snow-fall measurement system is “How much snow do I have to scrape off my car?” The stuff was up to my hips, a record.

This is a long way of saying that everything on Thursday was postponed, and Eagle Valley’s (Palisade) and Vail Christian’s (Paonia) basketball games tonight are also off. We have all the rescheduling there is, and will continue to update the schedule as developments warrant.

In the meantime, I never got snow days when I was in high school — back in the Dark Ages. I did, however, get two earthquake days during the fall of my senior year in 1989. (Yep, I was in upper reserve, section 21 at Candlestick Park for Game 3 of the World Series when the Loma Prieta quake hit. Sadly, that was the highlight of the Series for the Giants. Did I mention recently we won in 2010 and 2012?)

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Big Thoughts

With our snow days at hand, thoughts for all things Devils, Gore Rangers, Huskies and Saints:

• Coolest thing ever: Mark your calendars, Feb. 12 for Battle Mountain hockey against Dakota Ridge at the Pepsi Center. How awesome is it for the Huskies and Devils and Saints and Gore Rangers, the team is truly a mishmash of all four local schools, to play on the Avs’ ice? In the course of covering assorted basketball games this season, I’ve chatted with players and coaches of both Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs — the two schools had their first meeting of the season moved to The Can as well. Everyone said that it was such a memorable experience. Have fun, boys and girls. (Shout out to Eagle Valley’s Cody Osteen.)

• Not that anyone would be looking ahead to these games, but Eagle Valley basketball at Battle Mountain has been moved from Feb. 7 to Feb. 6. Along those lines, it’s time for Eagle Valley’s teams to make a move. The Devils boys basketball team is 2-6 in the Slope in seventh place, with only five teams guaranteed a spot in districts. Jim Bair’s crew is at Delta on Saturday, and Saturday’s games are on as of right now. We are approaching must-win territory for the Devils. If a two-point loss to Glenwood Springs this past week showed us anything, you’re close guys. This is one whacky league. In the Slope, if you show up and play, you’re going to be in the mix. You might think I’m just giving you the conventional rah-rah, but look at the standings.

Delta’s 5-3 and in fourth place, and right in the mix for the title. No one in the Slope had a clue the Panthers were going to be here at this point in the season. Delta graduated everyone. The Panthers were meant to be cellar-dwellers. All they’re doing is playing hard-nosed ball. (No disrespect to Delta. It’s actually a compliment.) Let’s go, guys.

• Eagle Valley girls basketball (5-3 in league) is in good shape for districts, but took a punch with a loss at Rifle on Tuesday. This is the Devils’ first two-game skid of the season, and it stops now, ladies. There is to be no repeat of this past season’s slide in February. (We’re almost there on the calendar.) You ladies have tremendous potential. There are times when you look like a team that can make a run at state. Put it together. It starts on Saturday at Delta.

By the way, official congratulations to the Floyd family. The Floyds, including Devils basketball’s Ashley Floyd, are Seahawks fans. There was a lot going back and forth before the NFC Championship Game, so, argh, well done. The Niners will get you next year.

• Vail Christian boys basketball, the snow and the “we’re playing” or “we’re not playing” is no excuse. You laid your egg in Sargent. You’re entitled to it. That’s it. With all the rescheduling, starting with Gilpin County on Saturday (hopefully), you’re going to play a lot of games in a lot of days. No excuses. After all, don’t you really want to play three games in three days when it comes down to it? (Hint, hint: State tournament.)

Presumably, you’ve used the time off to recover from the flu everyone’s had. You’ve got a bench. Everyone needs to pitch in. Defense and rebounding. Rebounding and defense. Go. Do.

• Vail Christian girls basketball, defense and rebounding. Rebounding and defense. It’s not that I’m being unoriginal. It’s how you’re going to score points against West Grand on Saturday. Go. Do.

• Saturday’s Nordic meet in Minturn is a go, though you might want to bring snowshoes. (Never mind.) Please attend and cheer on your favorite Nordic skiers. The snow’s gotta let up some time.

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