The procession to the state ski meet continues |

The procession to the state ski meet continues

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Got qualifiers?Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley and Vail Mountain certainly do when it comes to skiers going to next month’s state meet in Summit County. With two recent alpine races and a classic Nordic race in Carbondale, the ranks of black and gold, black and red and blue and white are filling.In particular, kudos to VMS’s Max Avery who won the Aspen giant slalom earlier this month. Teammate Taylor Kjesbo took bronze in that race. Eagle Valley’s Kyle Green cracked the top 10 in eighth.In the women’s GS in Aspen, each school put one into the top 10: Battle Mountain’s Katie Van Hee, third; VMS’ Athena Brownson, sixth and Eagle Valley’s Hannah Nelson, 10th.At Loveland, in another GS, Brownson was the only top-10 finisher.In Nordic, VMS continues its strong season. At the boys’ classic, hosted by CRMS, Taylor “Tito” Shelden was fourth and teammate Brad Bingham took eighth. The Gore Rangers’ Haleigh Armstrong, led all locals in sixth. Jill Ewing finished eighth for Eagle Valley.The following is a list of other state qualifiers from the last three high school races:Aspen girls’ GS: Nicole Luczow (15th), EVHS; Joely Denkinger (17th), VMS; Jamie Lee Roberts, (24th), BMHS; Katie Van Hee (25th), BMHS; Christiana White (28th), VMS; Heidi Moore (34th), BMHS; Andrea Knight (36th), BMHS; Lucy Sackbauer (40th), VMS; Paige Bennett (44th), BMHS; Jane Lettovska (48th), BMHS; Jenna Hughes (49th), BMHS; Jose Sutner (51st), BMHS; Katie Wear (53rd), VMS and Natalie Baldwin (56th), BMHS. Aspen boys’ GS: Wilder Heuga (12th), BMHS; Mick Seaman (14th), VMS; David Deline (16th), VMS; Chris Brandl (24th), EVHS; Bo Lowe (31st), EVHS; Charlie Banner (38th) BMHS; Grant Stevenson (39th), BMHS and Chris Woods (44th), VMS.Loveland girls’ GS: Moore (11th) BMHS; Jamie Roberts (14th), BMHS; Knight (19th), BMHS; Denkinger (24th), VMS; Nelson (28th), EVHS; Hughes (31st), BMHS; Sutner (32nd), BMHS; Rolena Richardson (33rd), BMHS; White (35th), VMS; Sackbauer (36th), VMS; Wear (39th), VMS; Luczow, (41st), EVHS and Bennett (45th), BMHS.Loveland boys’ GS: Kyle Greene (21st), EVHS; Bart Cuomo (23rd), BMHS; Heuga (28th), BMHS; Seeman (31st), VMS; Woods (34th), VMS and Lowe (44th), EVHS.CRMS Nordic girls’ classic: Courtney Robinson (13th), VMS; Kendall Wilson (15th), BMHS; Lani Bruntz (17th), VMS; Molly McGee (19th), BMHS; Lettovska, (20th), BMHS; Karlie Moore (28th), VMS; Sammy McCoy (30th), BMHS; Jannelle Kibler-Silengo (31st), VMS; Elsie Macsata (32nd), VMS; Whitney Allard (34th), BMHS and Jessica Medsker (35th, EVHS.CRMS Nordic boys’ classic; Stevenson (18th), BMHS; James Ewing (20th), EVHS; Andy Given (26th), BMHS and Bobby LeGaye (28th), VMS.Skiing action continues Friday with a slalom at Eldora at 9:30 a.m., while Nordic has a freestyle, also at Eldora on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.Vail Colorado

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