The time is now, Battle Mountain hockey |

The time is now, Battle Mountain hockey

Chris Freud

For the love of everything holy, Battle Mountain hockey, get it done this weekend.Take down Cheyenne Mountain today at 5:05 p.m. at the World Arena in Colorado Springs and finish it Saturday in the finals.For P.J. Bevan. For Nate Simon, For Keith Denton, For Jason Chase. For Chris Finch. For Michael Medina. For Brock Hovey. For John Etters. For Steve Reid. For Ken Bielski.For all of those who have gone before you. For your folks who have supported you all those years, long before there was high school hockey.For all those who wrote you off after last year. Prove it to them. Make your mark. Become the first hockey team at Battle Mountain to win the whole shooting match.

As the legendary Herb Brooks said 25 years ago, “You were born to be here.”The shopping list for this weekend:– Explode out of the gate. Remember last year against Kent? You didn’t get into your game until the third period. Too late. Right from the get-go, you skate hard. First shift, CBS line – Austin Chow, Alex Biegler and Evan Sherer – take it to Cheyenne.– Right after that, Derek Byron, Brad Myers and Casey Kleisinger – Lycos, go get it.– Austin Chow and Brad Myers. Brad Myers and Austin Chow. Austin Myers and Brad Chow. They’ve gotten the headlines. But they don’t do it without Sherer (not Sheron!), Biegs, Byron and Kleisinger. You guys have to step up tonight and, hopefully, Saturday, The Indians and everyone else are going to be blanketing Nos. 11 and 91. Time to become the unlikely hero.

— Forecheck, forecheck and more forecheck!– In goal, Karl Eklund, you have it in you. Bring your Kent Denver game.– Defense – Jonathan and MacKenzie Stevens, Andreas Apostal, Matt Garth, Matt Heelan and Coulter Somes – your stock is rising, but more is needed this weekend. Stand ’em up at the blueline. Keep them in front of you. Block those shots and play the body – hard.– Coach Andy Hire, I’m holding you to your word. Get that third line at least once a period. The Chow and Myers lines are in great shape, but they do need a break once in a while. Also don’t make the mistake made last year. If this is a tight game and you have a lead late, move someone like Biegs back to the blueline.– To the fans, get your rear ends down to the Springs and be loud. Battle Mountain may be wearing home whites as the top seed, but this is a road game. Cheyenne is a Springs school and its partisans will be out there in full force.– In the other semifinal, it’s Bishop Machebeuf vs. Air Academy. Freaking Aspen. The Skiers should have beaten the snot out of the Buffaloes in the quarter, so that they could beat on the Kadets. Come on Machebeuf, give Air Academy a game.

— Let us not forget the Huskies’ cagers. To the girls, don’t just be happy to be there. I know no one outside your locker room thinks that you can beat Mullen. Fine. You have nothing to lose. Go out there and throw the kitchen sink at them. — Lauren Prewitt, go hard to the basket. Meagan Reigel, do the same and stay out of foul trouble. Light it up, Lexi Guinn. Bring your game you Killer K’s – Kaeli Hosler and Katie Hite.– To boys basketball coach Philip Tronsrue, I’ll make the call. (Trust me readers, this is important.) And, don’t forget the peanut m&m’s and Pepsi.– Trent Beckley, play with confidence. You’ve improved so much this year and can be the difference tonight against Conifer.– Thomas Pacheco, try to hustle a little more out there. Kidding. Keep on being the heartbeat of this team.

— Rogelio Loya, just do that voodoo that you do so well.– Kyle Leffler, Vinny Cisneros, Clint Wilson and Derek Rush, ditto.– Oh yeah, Connor Drumm, now that you’re over the flu, it would be nice if you could score more than two points. (Sorry, I just had to give the big guy some grief for that.).– Go get ’em, ladies and germs.Vail, ColortadoSports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 614 or

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