The to-do list for Battle Mountain football |

The to-do list for Battle Mountain football

Huskies host Green Mountain

Tanner Roberts and Battle Mountain football will be looking for their second win of the season when they host Green Mountain tonight at 6.
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It’s the Battle of Mountains — Green vs. Battle.

Green Mountain ain’t green and there wasn’t a battle on the mountain south of Minturn, but we’ll take our mountain over theirs any day.

It’s Green Mountain vs. Battle Mountain at 6 p.m. in Edwards.

Let’s break down the keys to the game.

Don’t go to the game

Yes, this is critical — don’t go. By this, we mean, of course, the players are allowed to go to the game. In fact, that’s probably helpful — showing up.

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Seriously, tickets are limited to tonight’s game. Both Mountains have a ticket allotment. The players have given their tickets to their family members and that’s it. Because of COVID-19, you can ‘t just walk up to the stadium, buy a ticket and enter.

Ergo, stay home, stay warm, and pop the beverage of your choosing and watch High Five Access Media. Also known as channel 5 on local cable or via, Richard Carnes and Josh Andreasen have the call.

Lots of games are getting scrubbed all over the state. Stay safe and, unless you have a ticket, stay home and watch. And keep this in mind for next week, as well. (We forget whom Battle Mountain is playing.)

No overconfidence

Battle Mountain won last week at Liberty, 41-0. That was exciting, even shocking (in a good way).

It’s over. In fact, that win was over Monday morning. Battle Mountain football isn’t good enough to show up on sideline and intimidate the heck out of anyone. You have to have that same hunger when you were 0-4 last week.

It’s interesting because learning how to win requires a mixture of confidence and humility simultaneously. One of the reasons it’s so hard to overturn the cycle of losing at the high school level is that teenagers don’t have humility and, when they’ve been piling up the Ls, they also don’t have confidence.

The Huskies need to have to take some confidence that they can play after last week, but not too much.

Also, no looking ahead to next week.

KISS theory

Green Mountain is a good football team with 3-2 record. That said, it ain’t Roosevelt or Ralston Valley, teams the Huskies have faced earlier this season.

Again, all opponents must be meant with respect and with the proper humility — there’s that term again. We’re just saying that Green Mountain is not Alabama or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One of the big takeaways from the Liberty game was that Battle Mountain can be solid as long as it gets out of its own way. (It’s amazing how that happens.)

So stick to the bread and butter — ball-control offense out of ancient (but awesome) formations, wrap on your tackles and avoid the penalties. This is is keep it simple, smart football players.

And for all of the talk of simplicity, you do know that Huskies coach Jim Schuppler has a few wrinkles in his bag. The guy was born with wrinkles, and we mean that in a good way.

The Rams

Were there a spread, the Rams would be favored. Green Mountain throws, egad. We say that more because we don’t see passing teams much on this side of the divide.

Senior Darius Padilla is the Rams’ quarterback. He’s 51-for-92 for 908 yards with 10 scores and six picks. Padilla’s two favorite targets are Allen Ortiz (24 catches for 466 yards) and Austin Peterson (16-306).

Can the Huskies get some pressure on Padilla and or keep the coverage up against Ortiz and Peterson? (Elijah Morales jumping a route or two?)

The most important thing

It is, surprisingly, not next week’s Eagle Valley rivalry. No talking about that game this week.

It’s all about seeing if Battle Mountain can reproduce its effort of last week. It’s great to do it one week, but being able to reproduce it is the first step toward becoming a winning team.

Go. Do.

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