This column should have a bigger headline |

This column should have a bigger headline

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From this week’s grab bag:

” New rule for soccer: If you are carried off the pitch on a stretcher, you can’t return to the game. This diving/writhing-in-agony/”I’m-mortally-wounded” thing has just got to stop. I know FIFA wants to crack down on the dirty stuff, but the players are taking full advantage of it. If the refs want to card somebody, book the divers.

” Headlines: From in England: “END OF THE WORLD;” from LeMonde in Paris “The Impossible isn’t French;” from Jornal de Noticias in Portugal, “We want the CROWN;” From Jornal do Brasil. “The Hex Continues!” In the New York Times … “France Upsets World Cup Favorite Brazil.” OK, we’ve got to work on this passion thing.

” Wayne Rooney of 2006, meet David Beckham of 1998. Yikes. Wayne, enjoy getting pounded in the tabloids for the next four years. Yes, Rooney got fouled twice, but if you try to deprive a man of becoming a grandfather, you’re leaving the pitch.

” Note to England: Ixnay on the penalty kicks.

” Anything English brings us to Battle Mountain soccer coach and Daily World Cup columnist David Cope. I’ll steal blatantly from a conversation we had Saturday. (This is what we call creative plundering.) The rule for the World Cup is just get through your group. It’s much more important to be at the top of your game come the knockout phase than it is in pool play.

” People’s evidence A: Spain and France. Spain looked like world beaters in Group H and did its traditional tank job in the Round of 16. France needed to beat Togo just to get in and now Les Bleus are in the semis.

” It’s an all-European set of semis. This should come as no surprise. South American teams have never won the World Cup in Europe. European teams have never won it in the Western Hemisphere.

” Zinedine Zidane ” Yeah, he’s too old. He really should hang his boots up.

” Same goes for Portugal’s old guard.

” I don’t care that they call the German anthem, “Song of Germany.” I don’t care that they have changed the words. Yes, Germany is new place, putting on a great show as the host country. Yes, an East German leads the country. The tune of “Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles” must go.

” Is everyone over their hissy-fit that the United States didn’t go through? It’s absolutely amazing how Americans become soccer experts after watching all of three games for four years.

” That having been said, the Americans are going to win this tournament soon. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s going to be the much-needed spark to elevate soccer in this country. One thing’s for sure ” the rest of the world’s going to be aghast.

” Turning to the world of American sports, should we even play the World Series this year? Interleague play should be called American League play because the Junior Circuit is absolutely beating the tar out of the National League. One bright note on Friday ” a National League team did win. The Padres beat the Giants. Arrgh.

” And now for our annual plea for the All-Star Game: It should not be used to determine which league has home field for the World Series. If we have to have interleague play, whichever league has the better record in games that actually count when players are actually playing gets the right to have home field. This year, the Tigers, White Sox, Red Sox or Yankees will have earned that advantage.

” All-Star Game, part II ” If this game is for real, as Major League Baseball would want us to believe, why are the fans picking the starters? Yes the Red Sox and Yankees have good players, but the AL starting lineup should not be the BosNew YankSox.

” Bye, bye, Blake: Rob Blake is back in La-La Land with the Kings. Avs fans shouldn’t worry too much about this. Not only is he on the downside of his career, but his departure saves Colorado $6 million on the salary cap. It also makes the Alex Tanguay to Calgary for Jordan Leopold trade somewhat more logical.

” And, thank the deity of your choosing that the NBA season and draft is over. It’s summer ” until we start bantering about the Jake Plummer-Jay Cutler debate.

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