Age class races hit Beaver Creek: ‘This was their World Cup’ |

Age class races hit Beaver Creek: ‘This was their World Cup’

Under-14 age class skier Taylor Carlson of Telluride prepares to start a giant slalom race on Beaver Creek’s Bear Trap course on Saturday, Jan. 6, in Beaver Creek. The annual Bolle Age Class Races hosted 170 competitors over the course of the weekend.
Brian Ogawa | Special to the Daily |

Bolle Age Class Races
Saturday, Jan. 6 results
Boys race 1
1 Tommy Bartha, SSCV, 57.55
2 William Erickson, SSCV 59.75
3 Oliver Bachleda, SSCV, 1:00.4

1 Andrew Gunther, SSCV, 54.11
2 Jackson Leever, SSCV, 54.53
3 Tim Arrigoni, SSCV, 56.94

1 Stewart Bruce, SSCV, 50.22
2 Sawyer Reed, SSCV, 52.01
3 Luke Arrigoni, SSCV, 52.29

Girls race 1
1 Katie McDonald, SSCV, 58.65
2 Hadley Reed, SSCV, 1:01.4
3 Gracie Cohn, SSCV, 1:04.5

1 Viktoria Zaytseva, SSCV, 53.62
2 Logan Hale, SSCV, 55.54
3 Isabella Gonzalez, SSCV, 55.84

1 Lauren Haerter, SSCV, 53.51
2 Molly Roberts, SSCV, 54.61
3 Kyleena Lathram, SSCV, 54.97

Boys race 2
1 Tommy Bartha, SSCV, 1:00.30
2 William Erickson, SSCV, 1:01.32
3 Oliver Bachleda, SSCV, 1:01.81

1 Andrew Gunther, SSCV, 56.28
2 Jackson Leever, SSCV, 57.15
3 Hunter Peterson, SSCV, 58.57

1 Sawyer Reed, SSCV, 54.48
2 Hunter Salani, SSCV, 54.63
3 Kai Ogawa, SSCV, 54.70

Girls race 2
1 Katie McDonald, SSCV, 1:00.39
2 Hadley Reed, SSCV, 1:02.39
3 Gracie Cohn, SSCV, 1:04.83

1 Viktoria Zaytseva, SSCV, 56.22
2 Logan Hale, SSCV, 57.48
3 Isabella Gonzalez, SSCV, 58.71

1 Lauren Haerter, SSCV, 55.09
2 Molly Roberts, SSCV, 55.82
3 Kyleena Lathram, SSCV, 56.83

BEAVER CREEK — Four races, two days, 170 kids and one giant slalom course.

By the numbers, it sounds like more than any ski racing surface can handle. But this is Beaver Creek, where excellence in organization and snow making is a byproduct of a community that values ski racing.

“This race was run just as if this was their World Cup,” said PJ Jenick, Chief of Race for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, which organized the race.

The Bolle Age Class Races brought together athletes of ages 8 and 9 (U10), 10 and 11 (U12) and 12 and 13 (U14) on Beaver Creek’s Bear Trap course Saturday, Jan. 6, and Sunday, Jan. 7, for a kickoff of sorts to the season. Kids from Telluride, Leadville and even Buck Hill in Minnesota, among other areas, attended the races.

Sweeping the top three

“It was run on a start beeper, which is a standard way to run a fixed interval race in giant slalom; they had a start tent, which we use for really big, important races; they had a start facade; they had all of the fixtures that we would have at a big, major championships event,” Jenick said.

Visiting from Minnesota, parent Kim Palmquist said her family really appreciated the race atmosphere at Beaver Creek.

“It’s such a good learning experience for the kids,” she said.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athletes performed well on their home course, sweeping the top three across every category of racing in the first day of competition.

“The kids have been working very hard,” said Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U14 coach Kristina Revello. “This sets us up on a good training progression to get ready for races later in the season.”

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