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Timing error gives Kelly first in extreme kayak

Ian Cropp

VAIL – Dewey defeats Truman. Well sort of. This time, however, Tanya Faux played the part of Thomas Dewey and Nikki Kelly played Harry S. Truman. And the venue wasn’t a presidential election, but the women’s extreme kayak race at the Teva Mountain Games.Faux was originally declared the winner of Thursday’s race with a time of 4 minutes, 8.1 seconds, while Kelly took second with a time of 4:10.0. But after the results came out, Kelly filed a protest and the race organizers reviewed the timing of Kelly’s run Thursday night and Friday morning.Kelly was declared the winner Friday afternoon with a corrected time of 4:02.0.”There was a human error in the timing,” said Ian Anderson of Untraditional Marketing. “The race organizers went back and timed both Nikki and Tanya’s runs on video tape, and Nikki did, in fact, come in faster than Tanya.”Both riders were awarded the first-place prize of $1,000 dollars.Up, down and up againWhile the overall times weren’t initially posted after Thursday’s race, Kelly was under the impression that she had won.”I had already rang my boyfriend in New Zealand and told him I won,” Kelly said. “I’d come back for an afternoon of glory.”Kelly ran her first of two runs in 2:01, eight seconds ahead of then second-place Faux, and had a great second run. Kelly later found out that the overall results put her in second place.”There was no way,” Kelly said. “All I had to do for my second run was have a relatively good run and be relatively fast. Tanya would have to make up eight seconds.”While Faux did have a great final run, Kelly still knew her time was off by too much. “Eight seconds is a lot, and I’m lucky it wasn’t less,” Kelly said, noting that she may not have known of the error if it hadn’t been such a large amount of time.But Kelly was still nervous that her protest may not have come through with a positive ruling.”It was a pretty distressing experience,” Kelly said. “It was going through my head a lot. What was nice was that the organizers told me they were getting the video footage.”Friday morning, Kelly took part in the practice sessions for kayak rodeo qualifier without knowing the result of her protest.”It was still in my mind, but when we competed (later) it was all cleared up,” Kelly said. “It was an awesome turnout and I was happy the film crews pulled me out of their shots. Thank goodness for technology.”The timing error was the second unfortunate incident for Kelly during this year’s Games. During the women’s paddlecross on Wednesday, Kelly was disqualified for missing a gate.”I was like, “What’s happening to me?’ I thought my stars were out of alignment,” Kelly said. “It’s been a funny games, but now anything that happens is a bonus.”Sports Writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 748-2935 or icropp@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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