To ReLAX or get Wild, that is the question |

To ReLAX or get Wild, that is the question

Shauna Farnell
Maisie Crow/Vail DailyColleen Dalon of the ReLAXers runs through the stick of a 20 Somethin' defender. The Relaxers won the semifinals, 14-1.

VAIL – The ReLAXers are living up to their name, but without a trace of laziness.Somehow, the team, which is made up of a conglomeration of Division I players from William and Mary, the Universities of Albany and Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytech Institute, have beaten up on every single team they’ve played with such ease that it could make a person yawn.The team, which was the No. 4 seed coming into the Women’s Elite division of the 2005 Vail Lacrosse Shootout, had never played in the tournament previously, but is making up for lost time, and fast.The ReLAXers railed No.3-seeded 20 Somethin’, 14-1, in the semifinals Sunday. The team’s idea of a “close” game has been redefined, one could say, since the tournament began Friday, when the closest margin of victory they’ve had was the 16-5 quarterfinal squeaker against Detroit.”Well, this game was pretty tight at the beginning,” offered ReLAXers attacker Morgan Watkins of the 14-1 semifinal against 20 Somethin’. “What was it, like 5-1 at half-time?””They were just on our goalie,” said Allison Craig of 20 Somethin’, the majority of whose players are from Denver University (DI) and Colorado College (DIII). “We have a goalie who hasn’t played in a game before this weekend, so she’s doing great, but they just made great passes. I think if they come out in the finals like they did (Sunday), especially with fresher legs, they should be great.”The ReLAXers said they haven’t had a particular strategy going into the tournament, or any expectations to speak of in getting to the finals.”I wouldn’t say we were planning on winning,” said ReLAXers center Alli Evans, who has scored so many points in the tournament that she has completely lost count. Her teammates estimated she has around 30 of the 80-plus that the team has tallied through the semifinals. “We didn’t know what the competition would be like with the World Cup happening.”A few of the regular top-contending teams are absent from the Shootout this year, as the women’s lacrosse World Cup is taking place simultaneously.

The ReLAXers, however, are putting their mark down. They take on Team Wild, which beat No. 1-seeded Breakaway, 9-5, in the semifinals Sunday, in the women’s championship at 12:30 p.m. today at Ford field in Vail.While Team Wild – consisting mostly of players from Division III Middlebury – has had much tighter games in the Shootout than the ReLAXers have had, it will also enter the finals undefeated.ReLAXers goalie Meghan Gaul might just get some more action today. The five or six shots that 20 Somethin’ threw at her Sunday have been the most she’s had to deal with in any single game all weekend. Despite her team keeping the ball upfield in this tournament, the RPI standout is no stranger to being under fire.”I played softball catcher and shortstop. I was also a soccer goalie,” she said. “I had an older brother who made me play hockey goalie for him so … I pretty much put myself in harm’s way at everything I do.” The ReLAXers are hoping for a better run for their money in today’s final against Team Wild.”We don’t have a plan. Our plan is always to really just go for it,” Watkins said. “Our plan is, ‘Don’t embarrass your families,'” Gaul added. “Your names are on your back.”Twenty Somethin’, which beat Rammit, 8-4, in the quarterfinals Sunday before losing to the ReLAXers, is looking forward to its rematch against Breakaway for third place today. The two teams faced each other Friday, when Breakaway walked away with an 11-10 victory.Team Wild 9, Breakaway 5

The first half ended in a tie with both teams scoring four goals. In the second half, Team Wild’s defense clamped down and held Breakaway to one goal on four shots, while the offense kept pushing to goal and tallied five goals for a grand total of nine for the game. Leading Team Wild were Caitlin McCormick and Char Glessner with three goals apiece. Bracket playBreakaway 12, CU Buffs 10Team Wild 13, Fubar 220 Somethin’ 8, Rammit 4ReLAXers 16, Detroit 5, CU Buffs 14, Chicago 11Team Ohio 9, Fubar 8, OTRammit 19, Team Pazzo’s

CU Buffs 12, Team Ohio 9Rammit, Detroit 5today’s gamesChicago vs. Fubar at 9 a.m. in EdwardsTeam Ohio vs. Detroit at 10:15 a.m. in EdwardsRammit vs. CU Buffs at 10:15 a.m. on Athletic field in VailChampionship: Team Wild vs. ReLAXers at 12:30 p.m. at Ford Field in VailVail, Colorado

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