Track and field teams set their eyes on state meet |

Track and field teams set their eyes on state meet

Lauren Glendenning

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Team members putting up their personal best scores are all coaches can ask for, and that’s exactly what happened for track and field athletes at Eagle Valley High School, Battle Mountain High School and Vail Christian High School last week.

Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain competed in their last track and field meets of the season Wednesday through Friday. The coaches were still waiting as of early Saturday evening to find out which of their athletes had qualified for the state meet.

The Western Slope meet was the last chance to qualify for state, and it’s a meet most of the teammates work all season toward, said Eagle Valley coach Jeff Schroll.

“That’s what we train them for,” Schroll said. “We try to get this meet to be the best of the year and almost every kid stepped up to the plate for that.”

Battle Mountain coach Jeff Krumlauf was pleased with his team’s performance at the Western Slope meet, citing many personal bests for his team, as well.

“We run for fun and for personal bests, so to have the last meet of the year at league championships, to have kids say they dropped their best times – it was absolutely fantastic,” Krumlauf said. “This (meet) is the last hooray for many of these kids.”

Krumlauf said everyone was waiting anxiously to see the final results for state qualifiers. The results were to be posted around 10 p.m. Saturday.

Krumlauf said David Shearon probably stamped his ticket to state with his performance in the 2-mile, winning the race in his “typical fashion – smiling, waving and having fun,” Krumlauf said.

Schroll said Eagle Valley’s James Jagger had a great race in the 110-meter hurdles, but it looked like he was going to miss qualifying for state by just one-hundredth of a second.

“I’m still very proud of his efforts,” Schroll said.

Vail Christian High School, which competes on another circuit, had five girls qualify for the state meet – Kylie Alexander, Ashland Gruber, Micaela McGuckin, Maggie Emmer and Alexis Ellsworth. The school didn’t have any boys qualify for the state meet, but coach Tim Pierson was especially proud of two athletes.

Teller Emmer placed fifth in the long jump, which was a new school record for Vail Christian. He cleared more than 19 feet.

Nigel Johnsen placed fourth in the boys pull vault as a freshman, clearing 10 feet and just barely missing a state qualification, Pierson said.

The girls team dropped 3 seconds from their 800-meter relay from the previous week, also narrowly missing a state meet qualification.

“We had a lot of kids perform their best all year – that’s exciting,” Pierson said. “We had a lot of fun as a team.”

Girls 100-meter dash

Emily Kingston, Eagle Valley, 6th

Boys 100-meter dash

Raymie Higgins, Battle Mountain, 8th

Boys 200-meter dash

David Shea, Eagle Valley, 6th

Girls 400-meter dash

Kendra Clements, Eagle Valley, 6th

Boys 400-meter dash

Jalen Aquino, Eagle Valley, 4th

Nate Barker, Eagle Valley, 5th

AJ Rhoades, Eagle Valley, 6th

Girls 800 meters

Mandy Ortiz, Battle Mountain, 6th

Boys 800 meters

Reidesel Mendoza, Battle Mountain, 6th

Girls 1,600 meters

Amelia Ortiz, Battle Mountain, 2nd

Boys 1,600 meters

David Shearon, Battle Mountain, 3rd

Mario Gonzales, Eagle Valley, 5th

Girls 3,200 meters

Amelia Ortiz, Battle Mountain, 2nd

Samantha Maddox, Eagle Valley, 8th

Boys 3,200 meters

David Shearon, Battle Mountain, 1st

Mario Gonzales, Eagle Valley, 4th

Girls 100-meter hurdles

Erin Burnett, Eagle Valley, 3rd

Kate Manley, Battle Mountain, 6th

Boys 110-meter hurdles

James Jagger, Eagle Valley, 2nd

Girls 300-meter hurdles

Erin Burnett, Eagle Valley, 6th

Boys 300-meter hurdles

Shawn Martinez, Battle Mountain, 6th

Girls 400-meter relay

Eagle Valley, 6th (Nikki Harvey, Emily Kingston, Casey Lammert, Shila Branch)

Battle Mountain, 7th (Molly Childer, Elie Cahill, Alexandra McCormick, Isabelle Courtois)

Boys 400-meter relay

Eagle Valley, 5th (David Shea, Nate Barker, Jalen Aquino, Omar Saucedo)

Battle Mountain, 7th (Jeffery Fuller, Blaize Olle, Irving Routcho, Isaac Rodriguez)

Girls 800-meter relay

Eagle Valley, 4th (Elizabeth Schwaiger, Kassi Gall, Nikki Harvey, Casey Lammert)

Battle Mountain, 6th (Elie Cahill, Mandy Ortiz, Molly Childers, Isabelle Courtois)

Boys 800-meter relay

Eagle Valley, 3rd (David Shea, Nate Barker, Jalen Aquino, Omar Saucedo)

Battle Mountain, 5th (Raymie Higgins, Riedesel Mendoza, Irving Routcho, Pancho Meneses)

Girls 1,600-meter relay

Eagle Valley, 3rd (Erin Burnett, Casey Lammert, Nikki Harvey, Kendra Clements)

Battle Mountain, 5th (Kate Manley, Jayna Horn, Elisse Rasmussen, Sam Rulapaugh)

Boys 1,600 relay

Eagle Valley, 3rd (AJ Thoades, Jalen Aquino, Nate Barker, Mario Gonzales)

Battle Mountain, 7th (Jesus Nunez, Riedesel Mendoza, Shawn Martinez, Edward Banegas)

Girls 3,200 relay

Battle Mountain, 4th (Mandy Ortiz, Amelia Ortiz, Samantha Katz, Maddy Stevens)

Eagle Valley, 5th (Rachel Burnett, Rachel Harvey, Logan Kinser, Kelly Cassidy)

Boys 3,200 relay

Battle Mountain, 7th (Jesus Nunez, Reidesel Mendoza, Eric Spry, David Shearon)

Eagle Valley, 8th (Mario Gonzales, Prather Silverthorn, Javier Gallegos, Hunter Burnham)

Girls sprint medley relay

Eagle Valley, 3rd (Shila Branch, Emily Kingston, Kassi Gall, Kendra Clements)

Battle Mountain, 7th (Alison Bukacek, Jessica Law, Sam Rulapaugh, Kadia Soulemane)

Girls high jump

Megan Osteen, Eagle Valley, 4th

Emily Kingston, Eagle Valley, 5th

Boys high jump

Edward Banegas, Battle Mountain, 4th

Cooper Senn, Eagle Valley, 7th (tie)

Jeremy Sabo, Eagle Valley, 7th (tie)

Girls long jump

Shila Branch, Eagle Valley, 6th

Boys long jump

Tim Wells, Eagle Valley, 6th

Raymie Higgins, Battle Mountain, 8th

Boys triple jump

Tim Wells, Eagle Valley, 7th

Girls discus throw

Jamie Bair, Eagle Valley, 1st

Boys discus throw

Nick Bontempo, Eagle Valley, 6th

Girls shot put

Jamie Bair, Eagle Valley, 1st

Piper McMillin, Battle Mountain, 7th

Elie Cahill, Battle Mountain, 8th

Girls pole vault

Molly Childers, Battle Mountain, 1st

Jayna Horn, Battle Mountain, 2nd

Shanna Zoch, Eagle Valley, 3rd

Kassi Gall, Eagle Valley, 4th

Boys pole vault

Zach Guida, Battle Mountain, 1st

Austin Woodworth, Eagle Valley, 2nd (tie)

Brian Olsen, Eagle Valley, 2nd (tie)

Isaac Rodriguez, Battle Mountain, 6th

Eagle Valley High School’s baseball playoff game again Silver Creek, in Longmont, was cancelled Saturday. The game is rescheduled for Monday at 10 a.m.

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