Twitter maps show Summit as only county in Colorado to favor Seattle Seahawks over Broncos |

Twitter maps show Summit as only county in Colorado to favor Seattle Seahawks over Broncos

Sebastian Foltz
A Twitter study this week showed that Summit County apparently has switched it's allegiance from the Broncos to the Seahawks, according to their research.

According to a recent Twitter map ranking NFL fan allegiance by county, it appears Summit might have unwittingly welcomed Seattle’s Twelfth Man into its midst in substantial numbers.

The social media site reported this week that 44.6 percent of users who follow an NFL team in the county follow the Seattle Seahawks, compared with a mere 14.8 percent who follow the Denver Broncos.

Summit is the only county in the state that does not go for the Broncos in the Twitter map.

When reached for comment, Summit County Sheriff John Minor said he was extremely disturbed by the news.

“I find this to be an abomination, and an affront to Bronco Nation,” he said late Thursday. Minor proceeded to put Seahawks fans on notice.

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“Effective immediately, I’m issuing an executive order requiring all Twitter users in Summit County who follow the Seahawks to cease and desist their following.”

When asked what he thought this meant for the public’s welfare going forward, he said, “It just shows a pattern of bad behavior and poor judgment. We have to nip this in the bud before it becomes a larger issue of public concern.”

Minor did not elaborate on what measures his department might be taking to address the issue.

Officials at Twitter further reported that neighboring Park, Grand and Eagle counties have each produced overwhelming majorities supporting Bronco Nation. In fact, every other county in the state — and most of counties bordering Colorado — support the Broncos as their No. 1 team, also by a substantial majority.

The hope among some area locals is that this problem will be resolved peacefully, without any substantial barroom conflicts.

To get to the bottom of the issue, the Summit Daily’s news team is investigating why the county seems to have become a haven for the defending Super Bowl Champion’s fan base.

Could last year’s crushing Super Bowl defeat have swayed Summit residents to change their colors? What should be done about what appears to be an overwhelming number of people supporting the green and blue?

We reached out to officials at Twitter in order try to find some answers.

The good news in this apparent budding NFL cyber-war of attrition is that Bronco fans appear to have launched a counter-offensive deep in the heart of Washington State. Jefferson County, Washington, directly to the west of Seattle and across the Puget Sound, was reported as having a 31 percent Broncos Twitter following.

With the county bordering both the Pacific Ocean and the Puget Sound, there is speculation that that following has a potential to grow when compared with landlocked Summit County.

bartender’s perspective

As to the immediate concern within our borders, local Backcountry Brewery bartender Brian Gannon said, “I couldn’t care less about the Seahawks.”

As to whether he has seen an increased Seahawks-fan presence in the bar, he said, “Absolutely not. I think I know two people who follow the Seahawks.”

Gannon, however, does not work the Sunday NFL shift.

If the fan presence is not immediately noticeable in area bars, it’s also possible with the advancements in Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket offerings that the movement has gone underground so as not to arouse suspicion.

It’s also possible, as a spokesperson for Twitter speculated, that Broncos fans decided to follow the Seahawks leading up to the Super Bowl and simply haven’t elected to unfollow.

Twitter’s research was based solely on Twitter users who follow the official Seattle Seahawks twitter feed, @Seahawks. Individual players’ accounts for both the Broncos and Seahawks were not counted in their research.

Sheriff Minor did encourage anyone reading this to unfollow @Seahawks in order to bring this issue to a safe resolution.

More information on Twitter’s research can be found at or @twitterdata. No Seahawk fans were harmed in the writing of this article.

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