Vail Christian School homecoming spotlight: Allie Parker |

Vail Christian School homecoming spotlight: Allie Parker

It’s pretty simple for Allie Parker. First, Vail Christian must win its Homecoming match against North Park today. Only after a victory can Parker enjoy the Homecoming dance. If the Saints can keep up their improved play, winning shouldn’t be a problem.

We talked with Parker to find out her favorite food, and the keys to beating North Park. Catch Parker and the volleyball team in action today at 12:30 p.m.

What’s been the key to the season? “Just pushing through our losses and overcoming our weaknesses. Just growing together as a team, because we have a much different team than last year.”

How’s it gone mixing in all the new players? “It’s been good. We are finally starting to work all together. So, I think the rest of the season should be good.”

What’s the key against North Park? “I think just staying focused with all the chaos of the week. We still have to increase our standings in district.”

What are you looking forward to most about Homecoming? “I’m really looking forward to the game, and the dance is always fun. But right now, I’m focusing on the game.”

How much more fun will the dance be after a win today? “So much better. Everybody will be in a better mood.”

What’s it like playing in the new gym? “It’s fun. It’s different from last year, but I like it. We have our own territory.”

Has the new gym helped this season? “Yeah, it’s helped a lot. If we need to put more time in working on a quick, or on passing, we can go early or stay late. We have that possibility.”

Favorite food: “Salmon.”

Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight.”

Favorite old movie: “Maybe Footloose, or Grease.”

Favorite TV show: “House.”

If you could have superhuman power, what would it be? “To jump higher than I already can jump. That would just help me in volleyball more.”

Favorite thing to do: “In the winter skiing, and in the summer boating.”

Favorite place to go skiing: “Vail.”

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