Vail Daily sports editor enters the Twittershpere |

Vail Daily sports editor enters the Twittershpere

Chris Freud

We have officially reached the apocalypse, people.

Chris Freud is on Twitter, tweeting live scores and results.

First off, I do question the origin of the verb “to tweet.” I studied Latin in grade school and don’t remember tweeto, tweetare, tweetavi, tweetatum.

Tweeto ergo sum?

And what’s up with the #? When I was growing up, # was a number sign, or No. sign, if we’re in AP style. #thatsahashtagdummy.

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I will try to move past this. As I make this bold leap into the year 2007, the thought is to be able to tweet scores from all the games/events/meets/races I’m covering. If you think I’m joking about this bold leap, I am a Freud. We are not a technologically skilled family. My mom and I regularly hang up on each other when talking on our iPhones. #FreudsnotallowednearNORAD.

Lessons From The Field

Battle Mountain soccer coach David Cope suggested I do this. Perhaps, he was tired of texting me for Battle Mountain basketball/hockey/lacrosse/football scores, although he fires out soccer scores via text with the best of them.

On a serious note, with multiple events happening on a daily basis, this should be fun. Readers always tell me they can’t make a game because, well, they have a life (unlike me) or understandably can’t hit the road with their favorite teams. Alumni of our four schools also like to keep up with their alma maters — my phone always blows up when the Devils and Huskies get together. #whowonFreud.

This will be handy too in times when we have major mountain events which consume our time, such as the annual Beaver Creek World Cup stop and the upcoming 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships. I’ll still be able to do some high school reporting this way.

That also goes the other way. I’ve already tweeted the results of the Burton U.S. Open slopestyle. #Imatweetingmachine.

So, here we go. I’m @cfreud. Pretty simple handle, as the kids say. You all probably know how to follow me better than I do.

I’ll be tweeting live updates from Vail Christian basketball’s game in Gunnison today against Primero, Eagle Valley soccer against Summit County and retweeting (that’s a verb?) Battle Mountain soccer at Steamboat.

#pleasefollowme. #thisshouldbefun.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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