Vail Grind a grueling good time |

Vail Grind a grueling good time

Andrew Harley

Regional riders met in Vail Wednesday to show that they’ve got what it takes to conquer the 2001 World Mountain Bike Championships race course.

The Vail Grind toured some of the most scenic singletrack on Vail Mountain.

“It was a fun course, fast and a little sketchy in spots,” said Pete Fralick, who placed sixth in the Men’s Pro Elite division. “The course had rolling terrain with steep sections and lots of singletrack. It had a little bit of everything. The weather was nice. I got sun in my eyes and the course was dry, but not dusty.”

The course consisted of 5-mile loop, and the Men’s Pro/Elite division had the furthest to pedal with four loops – 20 miles.

Jay Henry won the Men’s Pro/Elite division with a time of 1 hour, 40 minutes, 5 seconds. Mike Janelle was close behind with a 1:40:58.

“I felt pretty strong today,” said Fralick, who is a member of the champion Mountain Pedaler team. “The competition was tough, and I had a good time.”

Monique Merrill dominated the three loops required of the Women’s Pro/Elite division with a 1:33:17. Kelli Anthony, of High Maintenance, came in second with a 1:39:06.

Many riders agreed that the course was one of the tougher ones of the series.

“I crashed at the end of Bad Simba,” said Renee Legro, who spent most of the summer at sea level in the Carribean. “I can move my fingers though, so I don’t think my hand’s broken.”

“I was kind of disappointed,” said Andrew Guckian, who worked the finish line for Vail Recreation District. “There weren’t any wipeouts coming down the last run.”

Steve Meyer took first in the Men’s Vet Expert division with a 1:23:28. Wendy Lyall, Toni Axelrod and Julie Morrow – all of High Maintenance – took the top three spots in the Women’s Expert division. Mike Skellion won the Single Speed division. Chris Mayer took first in the Men’s Sport division. Scott Bandoni won the Men’s Vet Sport division. Paul Sands won the Men’s Masters division. Silas Dickie won the Junior Men’s 15-18 division. Bob Roberts won the Men’s Beginner division. Eera Latosao won the Women’s Sport division. Kristi Foster won the Women’s Vet division. Janis Sandlin won the Women’s Beginner division.

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