Vail Mountain sees the sites, beats Rangely, 3-0 |

Vail Mountain sees the sites, beats Rangely, 3-0

VMSGS vs VC DT 4-8-09

RANGELY, Colorado ” Vail Mountain soccer struck pay dirt Tuesday in Rangely.

And pay dirt in Rangely was three points with a 3-0 win and not bubbling crude, which was the reason this Colorado outpost, 13 miles from Utah, was founded in 1901.

We’re pretty sure VMS soccer coach Bob Bandoni didn’t run into any oil men like, say Dick Cheney, because he and his squad ” all of 12 players, due to injury and academic commitments ” all made it back to Eagle County safe and sound.

“We went up there with a skeletal crew,” Bandoni said, apparently unaware of the rock-art and rock-crawling activities which Rangely has to offer. “But we managed the game well. We managed a difficult environment with a small playing field. We had players playing out of position, but we relied on the leadership of our more experienced players.”

Perhaps drawing on inspiration found at the Rangely Outdoor Museum, Vail Mountain built a two-goal lead on tallies by Kelsie Samuels from Misha Harrison. The connection between Harrison, the attacking midfielder, and Samuels, the striker was not lost on the Bandon, as he doubtless was admiring the flora such as the desert and mountain paintbrushes, the harebells, mariposa tulips and the prickly pear cacti indigenous to the area.

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Mia Bandoni, clearly not distracted by the prospect of getting a quick nine holes at the local Cedar Ridges Golf Course, put the icing on Vail Mountain’s ninth win of the season with a lovely strike from the left side to the far corner for a 3-0 lead.

Perhaps the team celebrated with a self-guided tour of the area’s wild horses or the Raven A1 Exhibit, which commemorates Chevron’s oil strike in the early 1930s.

Doubtless, the Gore Rangers are looking forward to next year’s trip to Rio Blanco County. They leave with a 9-2-1 mark in the 3A Western Slope, which all but assures them of a postseason berth.

VMS soccer will be taking a break as the seniors take the annual trip to New York, where the Metropolitan Museum of Art likely pales by comparison to the attractions they saw in Rangely. Meanwhile, the freshmen are off to Costa Rica for a week.

Everybody gets back together Saturday after next at Bandoni Alumni Field for the first of two against Coal Ridge.

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