Vail Pro Series continues |

Vail Pro Series continues

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Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” Ascetics and Vail may not appear to be natural bedfellows but the Snowsports School honored Saint Maron with a feast of giant slalom gates.

Two runs down a full-length course of 43 gates with high speed and challenging variations demanded austerity of movement to avoid too tired legs.

Saint Maron may be a good choice for skiers as his famous healing powers are known to dispel trembling, shaking and shivering. These afflicted quite a few for various reasons while waiting at the start shack.

South America ski power finally reached its potential as Juan Santa Maria smoked the field ” with some thanks to Jeff Koch for lending him his obviously well-trained skis. Gunnar Moberg prevented a South American sweep of the podium as he popped in for an athletic second place, perhaps distracted by thoughts of summer sailing as we pass the season’s halfway mark.

Brian Blackstock had such a hot second run going that the snow appeared to melt out from underneath him just above the finish, forcing an unplanned reentry and touchdown off the side of the course. Nate Park showed that snowboarders can arc on ice and steeps as he won the snowboard division.

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On the women’s side, Moa Svensson scorched the first run ” her time beat all but five of the men ” but pushed hard, she took a little sightseeing detour on the second run allowing Carol Levine to triumph again.

Best Sportsman award goes to Mike Grant who honorably stopped after missing a gate and then declined his second run so he could help carry coats down. No good deed goes unpunished as the racers then overloaded him to the point where he couldn’t see or balance with predictable results ” sorry and thanks.

All present noted the absence of Mr. Franz Fuchsberger who is nursing a broken arm and wished him a speedy recovery.

The results for posterity:

1 Juan Santa Maria

2 Gunnar Moberg

3 Chris Caruso

4 Loris Cornacumione

5 Alan Braunholtz

6 Christian Peraldo

7 Carol Levine

8 Moa Svensson

9 Hans Oberlohr

10 Cait Boyd

11 Matthew Kaminski

12 Valerie Muspratt

13 James Mitchell

14 Craig Woods

15 Peter Sherowski

16 Emily Oatis

17 Nathan Park

18 Dan Kizewski

19 Katherine Wilson

20 Mike Grant, DNF ” but many coats

21 Brian Blackstock, DNF due to melting snow

Bump time

Last Thursday marked the first freeride event of the 2009 Vail Snowsports School Pro Series. The Logshoot Bump-off took place with ideal conditions of hard snow, flat light, and Stegosaurus-sized bumps.

This event brought a noticeably younger demographic of competitors than the earlier slalom and GS events. The long, steep course made sure everyone reached the bottom with rubber quads and burning lungs. The cheering crowd could hear profanities shouted mid-run by a handful of competitors (only those out of uniform, of course).

The course was enhanced by two jumps built specially for the course. Competitors were judged by overall style, speed, and air.

Leg absorption was the name of the game on this brutal course, and event winner Derek Redd used his freestyle background to make short order of it. Redd threw the most-stylish 360 of the three competitors brave enough to turn their back on the asphalt-hard landings. Redd zipperlined his way to a smooth victory: Scoring best in style, speed, and air.

Redd’s fellow coach for the Vail Development Freestyle Team Matt Kaminski tied with Eric Flow for second place.

Cait Boyd finished best among the females, boasting a fifth-place finish overall. She capped off a stylish run by miscounting the bumps by one … landing solidly on the last bump of the course and throwing her ski off just as she crossed the finish line. With a dramatic wave to the crowd, she only enhanced her style points with that finish.


1 Derek Redd 37

2 Matthew Kaminski 31

2 Eric Flow 31

4 James Mitchell 30

5 Cait Boyd 28

6 Guy Sedillo 27

7 Dan Adams 26

8 Gerad Winter 25

9 Valerie Muspratt 22

10 Will Hubbard 21

11 Emily Oatis 18

12 Eric Prouty 12

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