Vail RFC hosts Breck Saturday |

Vail RFC hosts Breck Saturday

The torch has been passed to a new generation.

OK, so it isn’t exactly like going from Ike to JFK. But Vail Rugby Football Club President Scott Marino is out of town on a much-deserved vacation, which means the heavy burden of leadership has fallen to the veep, Brian Dalrymple.

What say you, new leader?

“Well, the first, and most important thing, is to win the game,” Dalrymple said. “A very close second is to keep the beer cold. And a very close third is to keep the beer cold.”

Alas, the Vail RFC remains in good hands.

The Blue and White takes on Breckenridge Saturday at the Vail Athletic Field at 3 p.m., and, if you’re wondering, why Breck, you are correct. Santa Fe, N.M., was the originally-scheduled fixture. But the New Mexicans couldn’t make it. So the Blue Goose is graciously making the trip over the pass.

And this makes for an interesting story line. Vail and Breck last met at the Ski Town Tournament, a hotly-contested 17-10 win for the Blue and White.

And, as is often the case with these Shrine Pass rivals, there was plenty of rough stuff.

“We could be looking at a tough match with Breckenridge because we got into a punch-up with them,” Dalrymple said. “Their coach was chocking (Vail head coach Steve) Doyle in the middle of this ruck and Barry set him straight.”

Barry would be Barry Powell.

“Barry Powell broke (the Breck player’s) nose big time,” Doyle said.

“His hand was swollen the next day, he punched him enough,” Dalrymple said. “They could be looking for a rough match and wanting revenge. So we need to stay on our game and make sure that we don’t get into another punch-up.”

Vail’s numbers are down, but, with a 6-2 record and a bunch of home games on the horizon, things look good for the Blue and White.

“Little Will (Mansour) is back,” Doyle said. “He’s as solid as a rock. Ben Crook, there, has been playing very well. Cabel, he’s been making some good plays. Brandon Farmer’s (sic) (McDonald) has been playing great.

“We are struggling for players, but everybody’s getting a full game, which the guys are enjoying.”

Expect the enjoyment continue Saturday.

“Coming from the Ski Town, it was only 17-10 and (Breck) was quite confident after the game,” Doyle said. “They reckoned that if they had another five minutes, they could have had us. I always thought the game was our way. We’re not friends out there, especially with the fight. We settled the score. Barry did smash his face big time.”

Lineouts: Vail’s numbers were short at the Ski Town Tournament, forcing Greg Tarpy and Phil Bennett out of retirement. “Thanks to Phil (Bennett) and (Greg) Tarpy for filling in. Phil doesn’t go to one training. He goes to one match and he gets his picture in the paper,” Dalrymple joked. We, at the Vail Daily, promise not to have Chris Chantler in the paper this week. … Vail heads to Park City, Utah, Aug. 9, before hosting Aspen on Aug. 16.

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