Vail Valley fishing report |

Vail Valley fishing report

Miles Comeau
Vail, Co Colorado
Yes, the catch is nice, but the experience involved in fishing can be just as memorable.

As a guide, you realize that no two trips are ever going to be the same.

Each person has their own agenda. Some are there to pick up the sport. Some are there to learn new tricks or just catch some fish. Others come to escape the reality of the real world and experience something completely new, relaxing and often times challenging.

For instance, the other day I took a “never ever” on a trip. She was well versed in traditional spin casting; she knew her lures and all the warm-water species that encompassed her local waters. But, she had never been fly fishing.

There are many steps involved just to get the basics. And it takes some time to get those down. This is especially true when it comes to breaking habits that are formed around spin casting; for instance, breaking the wrist to make a cast or the Jimmy Houston hook set.

My client was just as good as any average “never ever,” but what set her apart was the enthusiasm she possessed and her zest for life and learning something new. Those attributes along with her personality and her ability to see the beauty surrounding us set that trip among some of the best ever in my book.

Even though we caught only one fish, she truly had the most important aspects of fly fishing down – the hunger to learn, appreciation of our surroundings, and most importantly the ability to live life to the fullest. She honestly got more out of that trip than any client I have ever guided.

All though I don’t think she learned as much about the ins and outs of fly fishing as I would have liked, probably due to the fact we were laughing so much, the experience alone was enriching and fulfilling as guide.

That day I achieved something I have never been able to accomplish as a guide with a client. And unfortunately I can’t exactly explain it with one word. But you could say a true camaraderie was formed based on common interests and background that was very similar. In short, she reminded me of one of my best friends and easily could have been one if it were another life time.

It’s never a bad day on the water when you’re a guide. But some days are more memorable than others and any day that ends up with a trip to the Marble Slab is a good one.

Our local water:

• Bugs, bugs, bugs! Right now, there are so many bugs on the water it’s hard to figure out what the trout are eating. But sticking to the basics is a good choice. Caddis are still abundant along with PMDs and yellow sallies. During cloud cover, BWOs are a good choice, too. As the summer progresses so will the terrestrials. Expect lots of hoppers as the farmers start cutting hay and plenty of crickets in the morning.

If you have questions feel free to give us a shout here at Alpine River Outfitters or come in and share some lies.

• Side note: If you are reading this and you happened to pick up a Broden landing net laying next to the boat ramp at Climbing Rock, please bring it by the shop. Thanks.

Miles Comeau is a guide with Alpine River Outfitters in Edwards. He can be reached at 970-926-0900.

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