Vail Valley freeskier looks for funds support |

Vail Valley freeskier looks for funds support

Randy Wyrick
Vail, CO Colorado
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WOLCOTT – Rebecca Selig is chasing another world free skiing championship and needs a little boost.

Selig is hosting a fundraiser Saturday at the Wolcott Yacht Club, gathering support, love and money to help her get to Chile and Argentina, the first two stops on the South American leg of the World Freeskiing Tour.

Selig will be there from Aug. 17-30.

Selig won the world title in 2009, capping her championship season with a win in Alaska.

For the uninitiated, freeskiing is when you throw yourself off something insanely high and dangerous, the kinds of stuff your mama warned you never to do. If you do, she insisted that you always wear clean underwear in case there’s an accident.

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After her 2009 world title, last year was what’s called a “character building campaign” for Selig. She was injured and had some bad breaks, but she’s alive and so is her dream.

“I’m 31 years old and I’m going to give it my all for the next couple years,” Selig said. “I’m living my dream right now. We’ll see where it leads me.”

This weekend, it’s leading her to the friendly confines of the Wolcott Yacht Club in Wolcott.

Selig has been competing on the World Freeskiing tour for the last three years. Did we mention that she won a world title in 2009?

And she’s not looking for a handout, just a hand. She believes that help comes to those who help themselves, and works like that.

“I’m a born-again champion,” Selig said. “I’ve been waiting tables, working double shifts, doing what I have to do to make this happen.”

Her family is helping. Her boyfriend is doing everything he can, she said.

She has some sponsors, and they’ve been supportive – Fat-ypus skis, Scarpa boots, Flylow gear, Optic Nerve, the Boot Lab in Vail, Troy’s ski shop in Vail.

She understands that the road to another world title runs through South America.

“There are usually six to eight stops on the tour, but if you don’t do this one you don’t have a chance,” Selig said.

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