Vail Valley preps: Don’t overreact when it comes to the first games |

Vail Valley preps: Don’t overreact when it comes to the first games

Reason No. 1 a team doesn't get too upset after opening loss is that you may not have all your players in the lineup. Eagle Valley's Becy Glutova is helpful addition to the school's volleyball team after taking her SATs on Saturday.
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Remain calm. All is well. (Yes, that’s our first “Animal House” reference of the school year.)

If you’re 2-0 or 0-2 or somewhere in between, it’s early. Everyone from players to sports writers gets so psyched for the opening game/match/meet of the season, that too much weight is given to it.

I know I wrote about Battle Mountain soccer losing its conference opener the last two seasons and finishing Slope play at 11-1. Here are a few more fun nuggets.

• 2013: Huskies volleyball loses its opener and wins its next 20 matches.

• 2014: Battle Mountain soccer starts 2-0 in Slope play but does not win the league. It’s the only time this decade the Huskies don’t win the Slope.

• 2015: Eagle Valley soccer loses its opener in brutal fashion in overtime to Glenwood Springs, goes 12-3, makes the playoffs and beats Battle Mountain for the first time in forever.

Trust me, I’ll be the first to write about it when it gets critical.

In the meantime, my first impressions, even though my training is in journalism. (First “Airplane” reference.)


The Huskies girls are good. (Attaboy, Freud.)

This is a mature group, so the ladies aren’t going to rest on their laurels. They know state’s in October, not August. It’s still kind of scary that the Huskies won in the Springs without Naomi Harding.

By the way, Harding is training again. Coach Rob Parish is just being cautious with Harding’s shin splints.

She will not be running in Saturday’s Battle Mountain Invite at Beaver Creek, but you should still come out.

The boys run at 10 a.m.; the girls run at 10:30 a.m. and you run at 1 p.m. By that, we mean it’s the Eric Spry Memorial 5K Run/Walk. Go. Do.

We have an interesting schedule tweak this year where the Huskies and Devils don’t cross paths during the first three weeks. Even when they do, at the Eagle Valley Invite, the Huskies have traditionally not sent their top runners to that meet.

Bottom line: it’s hard to figure how the two teams compare.

Eagle Valley does win the post-race-bus-breaks-down-singing-routine category. Nice work, ladies.


Yep, starting 2-0 does not bode well for Battle Mountain soccer, as 2014 showed us.

Somehow, I think the Huskies will still take 2-0. One of the measuring sticks we’ll be using for Battle Mountain is how they play the Devils in Gypsum on Oct. 5. That pitch almost has replaced Glenwood Springs as the Huskies house of horrors.

While they’re off to a good start, this team needs to adopt the “nameless, faceless opponent attitude” of last year’s squad.

As for the Devils, they’re fine. They get another shot against the Huskies — perhaps on Oct. 5. Eagle Valley is ahead of last year already by beating Green Mountain last weekend. Take care of business against Rifle.

And, as astutely noted by your sports editor on Sunday’s edition, Vail Mountain School soccer will not go 0-15 this year, another bold prediction. The Gore Rangers won at Aspen on Wednesday.

In all seriousness, Battle Mountain is the toughest team on VMS’ regular-season schedule, so the 3-0 loss on Saturday was not worrisome.


Both Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain started 0-1 and the sky did not fall. For Eagle Valley, the season starts Friday with the team at full strength with Becy Glutova and Bree Gates both back in the lineup.

The Huskies, who got into the win column against Vail Christian, gets an early peak at conference play with Palisade in town on Saturday at 6 p.m.

VMS volleyball is home tonight for Plateau Valley, and we’ll see you there.

Meanwhile, Vail Christian is off to a tough start, but we’re back in Ellsworths after a little break. Welcome to varsity, Maddie. In the category of “the sports editor is old,” welcome to varsity, Abby Kuhns. Would you all please stop growing up.


A shoutout to VMS’ Finn Sapp, who carded a 78 at Tiara Rado on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Eagle Valley’s Barrett Jones just may make the Devils’ regional team. Last week, he went 69-72 at Aspen and Haymaker. He had a 76 (gasp) at Bookcliff on Monday. He’s got that out of his system, which is nice. (In all seriousness, it was a tough putting day, and that happens.)

The next stop for everyone is Vail on Tuesday. Don’t play golf like your sports editor.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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