Vail Valley preps: Go Giants, Huskies, Devils and Rachel (Colt, too) |

Vail Valley preps: Go Giants, Huskies, Devils and Rachel (Colt, too)

What do Eagle Valley volleyball coach Shawn Weatherred and I have in common?

(In journalism school, they told me that the first sentence of an article should pull the reader in, and I think this is a good one.)

While I’m working on my Texas accent, we’ll go with both our baseball teams still being alive. Go Giants, baby. And yes, go Rangers. More enthusiasm for the former, but that’s how the power of the pen works.

Unfortunately, I think our runs are up. The Texas Rangers have homefield advantage in the ALCS, which, for some reason, is a bad thing. (Weird AL Division Series.) And, well, the Phillies are just too much for America’s Team, the San Francisco Giants.

Stranger things have happened, though. If it does come down to the Giants and Rangers in the Fall Classic, well, Devils volleyball will probably need a new coach and the Daily’s sports coverage will cease.

Stay tuned.

• Big day in soccer today for our 4As. To Eagle Valley, in the spirit of “Lost in Space,” danger, Will Robinson, danger. Tonight’s game is Glenwood Springs, and this is the season for the Demons. They’re done as far as the postseason goes, and what’s more they were pretty ticked about reffing Round 1. (Please stifle the laugh about Glenwood being upset about officiating. There are just too many easy ones there for both the Devils and Huskies.)

With this in mind, no calls will go your way tonight at Stubler. Accept it and hold your tongues. The Demons will score a dinky goal or one on a P.K. That’s reality. How you respond to it goes a long way to determining your playoff chances.

Devils soccer coach Jason Rittmiller isn’t a scoreboard watcher. “I’ve never been the type to study all that,” he said. “Win everything you can, and see how everything plays out.”

That’s fine. I’ve done all the possibilities with points and future games – it’s sort of my job. The best thing for Eagle Valley’s postseason hopes is for Battle Mountain to win tonight at Steamboat. Strange, but true. If both local teams win tonight, Eagle Valley controls its destiny in the final week with home games against Steamboat and Battle Mountain.

This gives us a segue to Round 2 of Huskies-Sailors which has its many subplots. A tie or win wraps the league for Battle Mountain. That should be motivation enough – celebrating on Gardner Field.

Battle Mountain does not, under any circumstances, want to have it come down to its last league game – at Eagle Valley next Thursday. That didn’t work well last year. To Jack Sunderland, Brian Morales, Leopoldo Rodriguez and Cody Hervert, do you want the hoodie as a souvenir of your senior year? Get it done.

• Dig deep, VMS soccer. The drive to wear orange is on, and I think it’s a lovely color.

• Watching the Vail Christian-Vail Mountain volleyball game Tuesday was interesting. I heard it from some of the VMS crowd Wednesday with “Saints down Gore Rangers again” on the cover of the paper. I don’t take this stuff personally, and I also find it amusing.

This didn’t used to be a rivalry. This used to be VMS beating the tar out of Vail Christian. If you’re at VMS, look at the pictures in coach Mike Garvey’s office. I like the one of the quartet of Lara Bossow, Maggie Haslee (congratulations), Julie Littman and Tiffany Allan. That takes me back.

Everything goes in cycles. Right now, the Saints are on a roll, and VMS is in transition. Remember, people, there was a time from 2005-07 when Battle Mountain volleyball bludgeoned Eagle Valley every time, and the worm has certainly turned there.

• Where was Charlie Alexander Tuesday night? I can’t remember going to a Saints volleyball game without seeing him. Yes, I know he was doing the middle school playoffs, but Cathy said I could give him a hard time about this.

• We have Parke Robbins in today’s paper in a CU uniform. Having added 30 pounds, does this make him a buff Buff?

• Speaking of alums, go Browns. It looks like Colt McCoy will get the start for Cleveland against the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. I know she’s not playing, but go Rachel.

• OK, Battle Mountain football, remember when I compared you to the Giants? This is the time. You’re 1-5 and everyone thinks you’re done. Same old Battle Mountain. Same old Giants. We, being the glorious San Francisco Giants, were done in August. The Padres were going to win the division. We were written off.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? (Obligatory “Animal House” reference.) Let’s see what you’ve got.

• And now for a completely unconnected thought. How many symphonies did Sibeleus write?

• Good win by Eagle Valley volleyball Tuesday against Roaring Fork. I like seeing matchups like this, the best in the region, regardless of classification. It definitely seems like the Devils have bounced back after the loss to Grand Junction Central. But if the Rangers advance, well …

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