Vail Valley preps: Huskies spikers fall to Fruita Monument |

Vail Valley preps: Huskies spikers fall to Fruita Monument

BMVB Norris 1 KA 09-21-10

EDWARDS – Let us discuss the rally.

You’ve got your Rally to Restore Sanity with comedian and commentator Jon Stewart. There’s your Rally in the Valley and your American Kennel Club Rally, featuring those irritating dustmop dogs, your World Rally and your Wall Street Rally fueled entirely by smoke and mirrors and imaginary money.

Then there’s your Battle Mountain Huskies volleyball rally. The Huskies fought and scratched through a dozen or so long rallies against Fruita Monument, searching for points like Rush Limbaugh looking for liberals to blame.

They won several but not enough, as the Huskies lost to 5A Fruita Monument in three games.

The match was highlighted by rallies longer than the Tour de France, only without the snotty French waiters. Some went the Huskies’ way, some didn’t.

“We learned about ourselves and our team, that we need to maintain a sense of composure even when things are not going well,” said Huskies coach Lara Bossow, who celebrated her birthday Tuesday. Which birthday is none of your business, except to say she’s young enough dream and old enough to know how to make those dreams come true.

Krista Norris had a double-double for the Huskies, with 11 kills and 14 digs.

“She had a big day,” Bossow said.

Cayla Bluhm served up three aces for the Huskies.

“We wanted to maintain our level of energy and never give up through those rallies, and we were pleased that we were able to accomplish that,” Bossow said.

It was their own unforced errors and Fruita’s scrappiness that did in the Huskies, Bossow said.

The Huskies kept it close in the first set and pulled to within striking distance before Fruita scored three straight to win the first match, 25-20.

Fruita jumped out an 11-3 lead in the second set.

But midway through that second set, the Huskies won a rally that took longer than a presidential campaign but contained actual integrity. They reeled off two more to climb back into it before Fruita pulled away to win, 25-11.

Bluhm served an ace, Norris followed with a couple of kills, LaRose Currie added one of her own in the third set, as the Huskies kept it close. Eventually, though, Fruita won the third and deciding set, 25-15.

Battle Mountain hosts Palisade on Thursday.

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