Vail Valley preps: Second team all-conference? |

Vail Valley preps: Second team all-conference?

Chris Freud
Vail, CO Colorado

I do not usually get my panties in a bunch over postseason awards, but what the heck just happened in high school hockey?

By the way, I prefer boxers as opposed to briefs, in case you were wondering.

I understand if a team is bad, it doesn’t get many postseason honors. But how does a team which finished second in a conference get no one on the all-conference team?

Meet your 2009 Battle Mountain hockey team.

Geoff Funk, Kalen Burnett, Connor Tedstrom and Cody Kleisinger all on the second team? Jack Sunderland honorable mention? I know there’s a lot of grumpiness with Battle Mountain’s drug-testing program for extracurricular activities, but me thinks it should be applied elsewhere.

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Even for good teams like Battle Mountain, there are limited spots on the first team. Nevertheless, where’s Funk? This is a kid who was a third liner who became the team’s captain and a clutch goal-scorer.

Just wondering if the Cheyenne Mountain and Rampart coaches might have voted for him. I seem to recall he dropped overtime goals on the Indians and Rams. I would have thought that would have left an impression on them.

I also don’t buy the senior theme that plagues most all-conference teams. Being a senior in itself doesn’t earn you an award automatically, though it should have with Funk. Tedstrom, a junior, was the best two-way defenseman I saw this year. He’s the second-best bluelineer in this category in Huskies hockey history, (P.J. Bevan holds down that spot. And if you’re wondering, Jonny Stevens is more of a stay-at-home defender and to compare him to Tedstrom is like apples and oranges.)

Maybe the voters should have been the players who got flattened by Tedstrom in the Huskies’ end. I’m also sure that Connor-saurus also would have picked up so nods from opposing goalies who saw him rushing up ice like a mad man.

And I don’t care that Sunderland is sophomore. Put the best players in the circuit on the all-conference team, regardless of age. Famouso is just a pain in the Chaucerian arse for opponents, a true gnat. In hockey circles, this is a compliment.

All Sunderland did was lead the Huskies in scoring this year. Yeesh.

Just wrong.

Turning to other topics:

– OK, not yet. Sunderland is only the second Battle Mountain player to lead the Huskies in scoring outright whose last name is not Chow. Can you name the other? And yes, Nate Simon and Keith Denton shared the scoring title with the elder Voldemort one year.

– This time I mean it. Bravo to Eagle Valley guys lacrosse for knocking off the Huskies, 9-6. (I think that made some heads spin in Gypsum.) Last Friday’s game was good fun because it was contested hard, but not nasty like most Battle Valley-Eagle Mountain games. (No bias, seriously. A local lacrosse team won. Good.)

– Eagle Valley’s Bryon Carillo has mad moves. His goal not only faked out the entire Battle Mountain defense, but rerouted two Eagle-bound airplanes to Aspen.

– Continuing the bipartisanship … Eagle Valley baseball is 6-2 and 3-1 in the 4A Slope. Splitting with Palisade was sweet. Even sweeter was that the Devils weren’t contented. Rifle will be a good test Saturday.

– If you haven’t figured it out by now, Vail Mountain’s soccer game Thursday against Grand Valley was postponed. While I think VMS would have been OK, it’s a nice break for the Gore Rangers. They really needed it after playing five games in eight days.

– Along those lines, we hope Vail Christian soccer is resting up. The Saints will pretty much be playing three games per week, starting Monday.

– Huskies soccer returns to action Tuesday at Craig. Ouch is all I can say. I wouldn’t want to be Moffat County.

– Trivia answer: Casey Kleisinger (2006).

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