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Vail Valley rec league results

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Editor’s note: If you are playing softaball, golf, soccer or jai alai, we want you results. Please send them and photos to cfreud@vaildaily.comEagle-Vail Golf Club Men’s LeagueTuesdayBlue teesGrossBill Vancuren78 Joe Murad81Jason Taylor84Jay Minick85Brad Kobishop85Steve Thissen85Ted Swetlik85Colin Kingston90Ben Daniel90Zach Domenico90NetJason Taylor68Steve Thissen69Jay Minick71Ted Swetlik71Peter Casey74Colin Kingston77Ben Daniel78Brad Kobiship79Steven Kirkpatrick79Gross skinsBilly Bates No. 6Joe MuradNo. 9Jay MinickNo. 10Bill VancurenNo. 12Joe Murad No. 17Net skinsAnthony MontesNo. 1Joe Murad No. 4Chris FreudNo. 5Billy BatesNo. 6Joe MuradNo. 9Jay MinickNo. 10Bill VancuranNo. 12Chris FreudNo. 13Joe MuradNo. 17Anthony MontesNo. 18Money holesNo. 3 – Brad KobishopNo. 13 – Doug RussellBravo to Bill Vancuren for a magnificent round. Kids, that was a 78 from the tips with a snowman on No. 15. Joe Murad was also in fine form with three birdies, incuding one of the most wicked putts in a while on 17.Next Tuesday is a two-man scramble in both gross and net. The Vail Daily is rooting for the Vancuren Team.First Tee Players LeagueThe team of Robby Bowles, Wes Dent, Cooper Gould, Mitchell Nevin, and Jimmy Pritchard led Eagle Ranch No. 1 to victory in the Perseverance Open at Red Sky Golf Club. Shooting a score of one-under par in difficult weather conditions, Eagle Ranch narrowly defeated Red Sky and Eagle Ranch No. 2 for top honors. The tournament was the second of the season in The First Tee Players League. After two events Red Sky is the overall team leader. The next event is The Sportsmanship Cup at Vail Golf Club on June 22. Play begins at 2 pm.VRD SoftballMonday co-edTown of Vail10Steadman Hawkins10Chupacabras10Naughty By Natture 1 0Loaded Joes10Painkillers10Jeff Brown Vaily Daily01Team Spam01Snow Pigs01Liberty01Antlers Ghost01Balls Deep01Renegade Angles00Your Mom00June 8 gamesChupacabras 16, Balls Deep 1Naughty by Nature 16, Amtlers Gohst 1Steadman-Hawkins 18, Snow Pigs 9Painkillers 11, Liberty 1Loaded Joes 12, Team Spam 9Town of Vail 23, Jeff Brown Vail Daily 11Wednesday co-edLord Helmet20Bohica10Brandon W.10Cage Fighters10Thunder Bunnies10 SSV11We Got the Runs11Bottom Hitters11Phat Kids01Vail Daily01Plum T.V.01The Goats01Cascade Clubbers01Bridge St. Bombers01June 3 gamesBohica 18, Bottom Hitters 4SSV 18, Vail Daily 8We Got the Runs 10, Plum T.V. 5Brandon W. 14, Phat Kids 6Lord Helmet 21, Cascade Clubbers 3Bottom Hitters 14, SSV 6Thunder Bunnies 13, We Got the Runs 9Thursday menResort Data Processing10The Solaris Orange10Vendetta’s10Vail Realty10Long Shots10Ball Baggers10Outlaws01George Schaffer 01Rio Grande CO 01Ranch Creek Land Co.01Vansteel01BBOS01June 4 gamesLong Shots 14, George Shaffer 13Vendetta’s 19, Outlaws 16Resort Data Processing 21, Rio Grande CO 8The Solaris Orange 20, BBOS 2Bail Baggers 13, Ranch Creek Land Co. 9Vail Realty 15, Vansteel 5VRD Co-ed soccerBottle and Cork20Green Gators2014ers20Bombiastic Ballers20FC Boatgas20Avon Liquor Bombers10Donkeys North11Vail Mo Bros & Sistas11StinkBoards01Shennigans02Sgroup02Thunder Wolves02Team Pink02W. Vail Liqour Mart 02June 15 games14ers 7, Donkeys North 4FC Botegas 5, Shennigans, 3Bottle and Cork 6, Thunderwolves 3Avon Liquor Bombers 6, Sgroup 3Bomiastic Bombers 7, StinkBoards 3Green Gators 6, West Vail Liquor Mart Ballers 2Vail Mo Bos & Sistas 4, Team Pink 2

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