Vail Valley running: Get yourself a running buddy |

Vail Valley running: Get yourself a running buddy

Greg Decent
Vail, Co Colorado

Like all sports, running is an unwritten language that communicates across cultural, lingual, and gender lines.

The transient nature of the Vail Valley enables its residents and guests to interact with a vast array of cultures and the people who are proud of their heritage. Even if you do not know how to speak Ethiopian or Russian, everyone in the world who runs knows how to speak Running.

One-foot-in-front-of-the-other, breathe-in-breathe-out, this is the language of the world. The ability to run with people from different parts of the world or other cities within America is extremely unique and special to me.

As a runner, I sometimes become stagnant with my training and my performance suffers. When I meet someone new and learn about another culture or how runners in other parts of the world train, I become recharged and ready to smash through my performance plateau.

When someone first begins to run, every race or long run is a personal best time. Over time, running can become wearisome when the runner hits a plateau. Variety is a key component to bursting through that stagnant stage.

The daily grind of going for a run can quickly lead to boredom and missed workouts. If you desire to change your lifestyle and make running a part of your life rather than a short term resolution to get back into shape or to train for a race, then here are some ideas for you.

What makes me want to run is variety of running partners and routes. Go out and get a running buddy. A lot of the people in the Vail Valley come from all over the world, and not only will a buddy be a helpful tool in keeping up enthusiasm, they can also enrich your running knowledge.

If you find yourself always running the same route on the same day of the week, try running this route in the opposite direction or on a different day. Run with a running group. I encourage all of my readers to join me on Thursday nights at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Vista Bahn in Vail Village as your running club leader for the Vail Strides. I look forward to meeting new people, running with them and learning about what inspires them to run.

Finally, volunteer for one of the Vail Trail Races. As athletes we often forget about all the hard work these people go through to stage these wonderful events, so show your appreciation by helping distribute water or bananas. This is also a good place to meet a running buddy.

If you find yourself experiencing performance plateau, try adding a little variety to the monotonous routine. Instead of hiking a trail, jog it. Bring your running gear to work and run in the late afternoon on a different route, because we all know that sometimes it’s difficult to open your own front door day-in and day-out.

This amazing valley we live in fosters open-minded learning but only if we take the initiative to expand our compulsive routine. Only by stepping beyond the confines of our comfort zone can we improve as athlete’s and encourage new runners to continue placing one foot in front of the other.

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