Vail Valley Tennis League celebrates inaugural year

Local league-play opportunity included 10 weeks of doubles matches with six area clubs represented

Members of the Vail Valley Tennis League pose for a group photo at the end-of-season celebration on Thursday.
Stephanie Bee/Courtesy photo

Vail Valley Tennis League coordinator Stephanie Bee hoped to bring Eagle County tennis clubs together this summer by offering a local league-play option. After 10 weeks of doubles matches between 70 players representing six clubs — culminating in an end-of-year banquet last Thursday at the Bill Wright Tennis Center — it’s safe to say, ‘mission accomplished.’

“Bringing organized, local league play to the Vail Valley was just something tennis players wished for and talked about for many years,” she said. “I am beyond thrilled that the first season of the Vail Valley Tennis League was a huge success.”

One of VVTL’s most significant impacts was eliminating the need to leave the area for league-play opportunities.

Players pose for a picture after a match last July at the Bill Wright Tennis Center.
Stephanie Bee/Courtesy photo

“We have been traveling to Glenwood, Carbondale and as far as Aspen for over a decade playing on a USTA team, so it was great this summer to finally have a league in our own valley,” said Susan Chipman, a Homestead ‘Court Jesters’ player.

“The new valley-wide tennis league was a pleasure to play in,” added Sue Cary, another Homestead Club athlete. “It was well organized and so much fun and I think everyone appreciated playing tennis competitively so close to home.”

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The Homestead ‘Court Jesters’ ended up taking the overall season title. Beaver Creek and the Red Sky “Kiss my Ace” teams both finished three points back and the Vail ‘Snowcats,’ ‘Arrowheads’ and Cordillera ‘Supermoms’ were right in the mix right up through the final week of play. Crowning a champion, however, was secondary to cultivating a healthy balance of competition and camaraderie.

The Vail ‘Snowcats’ take on the Cordillera ‘Supermoms’ on July 13.
Stephanie Bee/Courtesy photo

“When I first heard about this new league concept last year, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” Court Jesters co-captain Jamie Stone said, adding that she was intrigued by Bee’s vision for a league concept that was “equal parts competitive and fun.”

“From the first meeting this year, with the captains and co-captains, she talked about not only logistics, but stressed the important values of the league as well. She accomplished her vision beautifully, and has brought tennis players throughout the valley together.”

Bee said that the league schedule naturally highlighted “the exceptional tennis clubs right here in the Vail Valley,” with several participants visiting unfamiliar courts for the first time. She also pointed out the league’s mix of new and experienced talent.

“It was important to also bring in these new-to-league players so that more ladies could enjoy the camaraderie that comes with joining a team,” she said.

“The Bill Wright Tennis Center is extremely lucky to have a tennis advocate like Stephanie Bee,” said Caitlin Collins, director of tennis for the Vail Recreation District.

“What she has created is so special and gives women the opportunity to compete locally for their club. We are thrilled to say it was a successful season and are looking forward to summer 2024.”

The Court Jesters receive their engraved plaque at Thursday’s end-of-season banquet. Pictured are seven team members along with Homestead Court Club’s Eric Meyer.
Stephanie Bee/courtesy photo
Vail Valley Tennis League 2023 season in review

Final Standings

Homestead Court Jesters – 29 points

Beaver Creek – 26 points

Red Sky Kiss My Ace – 26 points

Vail Snowcats – 20 points

Arrowheads – 18 points

Cordillera Supermoms – 11 points

Court Jesters roster

Captain: Nancy Wright

Co-captain: Jamie Stone

Becky Asbury

Kristen Calarco

Sue Cary

Susan Chipman

Barb Dobrot

Netia Gerken

Debbie Griffin

Mary Sue Katz

Jill Moneypenny

Tammy Schiff

Sharon Stenson

Bee said she’s still reflecting upon what there is to learn from the first season and how to make things even better next year.

“This is a start-up,” she said, adding that she hopes to incorporate players’ own suggestions and ideas for the 2024 season. The league coordinator said expansion in the way of “possibly” adding more clubs is under consideration.

For more information, or to contact the VVTL, visit their website at

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