Vail Valley track: Devils, Huskies meet in Grand Junction |

Vail Valley track: Devils, Huskies meet in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION – Not that anyone would ever be tracking times or results when it comes to Battle Mountain and Eagle Vally track and field, or Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain track and field, if you prefer, but Saturday’s Wild West Warrior Invite in Grand Junction was the first meet of the season at which the local 4A schools met this season.

And so we will duly note that it was a split as far as team scores go with the Devils winning bragging rights on the boys’ side and the Huskies taking honors for the ladies. The rivalry – though it is pretty mellow in track and field – continues at the Eagle Valley Invite next week.

The Huskies were wearing shirts honoring alumni Eric Spry and Todd Walker, former teammates who have died in recent months. Huskies senior David Shearon had just come off running the open 3,200 meters, when he got the nod to run the anchor leg of the 1,600 relay.

“We threw him out there,” Huskies coach Ken Long said. “He had run hard in the two-mile. Just as he was waiting to get the baton, I said to him, ‘Sorry about this.’ He looks at me and says, ‘Spry-dog.’ Eric had done the 32 and then run the (1,600) relay a couple of times. That got us all a little choked up.”

Eagle Valley had a ton of personal records, and that always makes Devils coach Jeff Shroll a happy man. Jeremy Sabo flew 6 feet, three inches, in winning the high jump.

“P.R. by five inches. I’ll take that any day,” Shroll joked. “He was really stoked about that.”

The Devils’ Austin Woodworth went 19-5 in the long jump for a P.R., as did teammate Justine Bukovich in the high jump (4-10). Both Eagle Valley 3,200 relay teams also had P.R.’s.

And about that girls’ 4-by-8 – Eagle Valley got the win, but not without a little comedy. Battle Mountain’s Anita Ortiz was furiously trying to get off her sweat pants to run the anchor leg for the Huskies. She was aided in this effort by Devils assistant coach Rob Parish, who coached Battle Mountain track until 2008.

Ortiz got the sweat pants off eventually, even though the other teams had left the exchange area well ahead of her. She still ran her 800-meter leg beautifully, catching the competition, despite its head start, for an apparent win. The Huskies, however, were disqualified because Ortiz did not officially report to the exchange area on time.

“Parish didn’t want Battle Mountain to beat Eagle Valley,” joked Long – both coaching staffs are quite tight. “Definitely foul play.”

“Actually, Amelia and I had been talking about how she’s been getting a little too confident,” Parish responded. “She wanted to give her competition a bit of a head start. She wanted to show Ken and (Battle Mountain coach Jeff) Krum(lauf) how strong she was.”

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Team scores

1. Telluride, 117; 2. Fruita, 114; 3. Grand Junction, 103.5; 4. Battle Mountain, 85.5; 5. Central 75.5; 6. Rifle 74; 7. Eagle Valley, 58.5; 8. Moffat County, 43.

Individual results

100 – Isabelle Courtous, BM, sixth, 13.63

200 – Katie Matarese, BM, seventh, 28.59

400 – Katia Lopez, BM, second, 63.70

LaRose Currie, BM, third, 65.04

Madeline Lousberry, eighth, 69.03

800 – Mandy Ortiz, BM, second, 2:31.53

Roxy Trotter, EV, fourth, 2:35.59

Maddy Bryant, BM, fifth, 2:43.36

Taylor Calydon, EV, seventh, 2:47.61

1,600 – Amelia Ortiz, BM, second, 5:33.81

Kelly Cassidy, EV, fifth, 6:08.68

3,200 – Amelia Ortiz, BM, first, 12:01.84

Aracely Villalobos, EV, third, 14:11.58

Samantha Maddox, EV, fifth, 14:13.32

100 hurdles – Michelle Carbajal, EV, eighth, 19.64

300 hurdles – Isabelle Courtois, BM, fourth, 51.61

Michelle Carbajal, EV, eighth, EV, 54.04

400 relay – BM, second, Brooke White, Isabelle Courtois, Molly Childers, Katie Matarese, 54.59

EV, third, Case Lammert, Kendra Clements, Skylar Rossi, Elizabeth Schwaiger, 55.02

800 relay – BM, second, Brooke White, Isabelle Courtois, Katia Lopez, Katie Matarese, 1:51.88

EV, third, Kendra Clements, Elizabeth Schwaiger, Casey Lammert, Kassi Gall, 1:56.08

1,600 relay – EV, fifth, Roxy Trotter, Kendra Clements, Casey Lammert, Elizabeth Schwaiger, 4:31.55

3,200 relay – EV, Madeline Lounsberry, Kelly Cassidy, Taylor Claydon, Roxy Trotter, 10:54.01

Medley – EV, Addie Arnold, Skylar Rossi, Erin Burnett, Erica Buzbee, 2:08.68

BM, sixth, Melissa Law, Isabella McCormick, Valeria Ortiz, Kadia Soulemane, 2:13.14

High jump – Valerie Constein, BM, third, 5-0

Logan Carlson, BM, fifth, 5-0

Justine Bukovich, EV, sixth, 4-10

Erica Buzbee, EV, T7, 4-6

Long jump – LaRose Currie, BM, eighth, 14-4.25

Triple jump – Jayna Horn, BM, seventh, 28-11


Team results

1. Fruita, 151; 2. Grand Junction, 121; 3. Moffat County, 94; 4. Rifle, 92.5; 5. Central, 65; T6. Eagle Valley and Telluride, 46; 8. Battle Mountain, 30.5; 9. Hayden, 13.

Individual results

100 – Zach Guida, BM, T8, 12.14

200 – Paton Lovett, BM, 24.75

400 – Matt Kottenstette, EV, fourth, 55.01

1,600 – David Shearon, BM, sixth, 4:50.06

3,200 – David Shearon, third, 10:22.34

Nathan Maddox, EV, eighth, 11:54.44

110 hurdles – Aaron Kline, EV, seventh, 18.08

300 hurdles – Zach Guida, BM, fourth, 45.28

400 relay – BM, fifth, Raymie Higgins, Paton Lovett, Heivan Garcia, Jonathan Ruacho, 47.38

EV, sixth, Marco Aragon, Zeke Sandoval, Sonom Lama, Nicholas Ross, 47.75

800 relay – EV, fourth, Aaron Kline, Nicholas Ross, Austin Woodworth, Zeke Sandoval, 1:39.15

BM, seventh, Raymie Higgins, Paton Lovett, Jake Engle, Zach Guida, 1:43.24

1,600 relay – BM, seventh, Raymie Higgins, Paton Lovett, Chalie Barry, David Shearon, 3:46.06

EV, eighth, Cooper Senn, Aaron Kline, Matt Kottenstette, Ryan Werner, 3:49.43

3,200 relay – EV, second, Junter Nurnham, Matt Kottenstette, Cody Frye, Omar Perez, 8:54.91

BM, sixth, Charlie Barry, Zach Guida, Ethan Cotton, Jake Bishop, 9:42.98

High jump – Jeremy Sabo, EV, first, 6-3

Cooper Senn, EV, fourth 5-10

Nick Cooper, EV, seventh, 5-4

Long jump – Austin Woodworth, EV, fifth, 19-7

Shot put – Kody Hoyt, BM, seventh, 38-7.25

Discus – Kody Hoyt, BM, seventh, 108-2

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