Vail: White T-shirt Day Pipe and Park goes to Manglesdorf |

Vail: White T-shirt Day Pipe and Park goes to Manglesdorf

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Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – Just like the striking autoworkers of 1937 who are honored on this holiday, our freeriders showed unity, focus, and solidarity in performing their best in this judged Vail Pro Series freestyle event.

Jason, B.J., Eric, and Charlie evaluated the overall impression of each rider on a scale of 1-10 on a single run of sperpipe, three-hit jump line, and three-hit box line. This produced a possible maximum score of 120 points.

We had an odd mix of both sunshine and snow at the same time at the start, and as the sun faded the snow intensified. Dr. Anne and Mikey rode snowboards while the balance of the field rocked their twin tips.

Zach Maglesdorf’s strategy of starting last allowed him to study the competition and put forth the right amount of effort to win both the box and jump phases and to tie with Mikey in the superpipe for the overall top score. Dere Jaklic’s win in the pipe along with a second in the jumps and a solid showing in the boxes allowed him to secure second place over Mikey’s third.

We saw 3s and 5s in both the pipe and the jump line, but Mangelsdorf’s front flip on the third jump earned him nearly a perfect score with 38 out 40 possible points. A few lost skis, near misses, and every maneuver being a surprise to the judges made this event non-stop entertainment for both the competitors and crew.

For the President’s Day holiday week, we take a break, so there are no events next week.

We get right back to it with the final four events – a slalom race on Feb. 22, followed by the Snowsports/Patrol Freeride Challenge on Feb. 25. Thes super-G (with speed training all day before the race) and Mudslide Extreme Comp will complete the series the first week in March. With a wide variety of competitors attending the series this year, the season titles are still wide open. We’ve got the Olympics on every night for inspiration, so come on out and give it a shot/

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