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VMS Homecoming spotlight – Max Avery

Daily file photoMax AveryVail Mountain soccer

Captain, my captain. Vail Mountain’s Max Avery is the captain of the school’s soccer team. You can also refer to him as a skipper. During the summer, his pleasure is sailing in Lake Okoboji, Iowa. Check out Avery and company Saturday when they take on Salida at 11:15 a.m. at The Bob. For more on the captain, read on:Date of birth: Oct. 11, 1987Born in: Okoboji, IowaParents: Steve and Lanell AveryBrothers: Fletch, 34, and Lance, 30 – “I am the runt of the litter.”Class: SeniorPosition: Center midfielderWhat’s Homecoming like for you?: “It’s more laid-back than the public school system. It’s just more of getting the whole school involved. The little kids love it. It’s just something to get the little kids interested in it and the upcoming years.”

What’s it like to be a senior at VMS?: “I’ve been here since kindergarten and I know exactly how it goes all the way up. It’s really enjoyable. You really have to pay attention to all the decisions you make and definitely be a role model, but it’s fun. I enjoy little kids and I couldn’t be happier.”What’s fun about soccer?: “I enjoy the team play, the team aspect. I’m trying to be leader out there and trying to get these kids going, trying to get everyone to play as a team. But, there’s also an individual responsibility to make things happen.”What’s the challenge of being a captain?: “It’s a challenge and I’ve definitely had to take much more responsibility, not only as a player but as a leader. It’s large challenge, but I’m very much enjoying it. I’m having a lot of fun with them.”What’s been your best moment?: “Besides (Tuesday’s) goal (against Steamboat Springs), I’d say being out there and seeing how hard they work. They’re young and they give it all every single day.”Describe coach Bob Bandoni in one word?: IntegrityWhat’s Bandoni like as a coach?: “He makes so much happen with so little. He’s an amazing guy. I respect him a lot. I look up to him. He is definitely one of my role models whom I’m looking forward to embodying in the future. I’m definitely going to miss him the most.”Funniest teammate: Andy DaltonFavorite subjects: Calculus and geologyCollege plans: Applying to University of California-Santa Barbara, Iowa, Wake Forest, and TexasCareer plans: Business

How much do you like watching volleyball?: “I enjoy it. I come now to every game. I always enjoy seeing a really good set followed by a really good spike.”Would you want to get in front of an Aubrie Apple spike?: “Heck, no.”Favorite sports teams: Iowa, Broncos, UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos and the Minnesota TwinsFavorite athletes: Zenedine Zidane, Ray Lewis and AliFavorite TV show: Monday Night FootballFavorite movies: “Man on Fire” and “Top Gun”Favorite movie star: Jessica SimpsonFavorite video games: NCAA Football or BasketballFavorite books: “A River Runs Through It” and “Never Eat Alone”

Hobbies: “I like to ski and I sail. I live on a lake during the summer and I work and teach at a sailing school. My family all does it. We’ve raced sail boats since my dad started.”Mac or PC?: “Got to go PC with an iPod. I’ve probably got 800 songs right now. Gotta love a little Journey and Jack Johnson.”Favorite Web site: GoogleFavorite food: SushiFavorite pizza slice: MeatFirst words: “Toasted oats”If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: RedwoodIf you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “Help the victims of Katrina.”Sports editor Chris Freud can be reached at 949-0555 or via cfreud@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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