Orange parade continues at the Colorado Academy |

Orange parade continues at the Colorado Academy

With the Vail Mountain School soccer team heading to Colorado Academy on Wednesday for the 3A state quarterfinals, we give you another classic orange moment for the soccer program. Patrick Scanlan scores in overtime in the snow to beat Lutheran in 2004. Perhaps, the current assistant coach is second from the left.
Shane Macomber | Daily file photo

So you say it’s CA?

Yes, the Vail Mountain School girls soccer is at Colorado Academy for the 3A state quarterfinals on Wednesday, May 16, for a 4:30 p.m. kickoff.

As a geezer, I get nostalgic.

Yes, orange in the postseason was born in 1988, when VMS boys’ soccer hosted Bishop Machebeuf and beat the Buffaloes. Personally, I loved the orange. I wear it every day, for crying out loud.

I still remember a photo of Chris Robinson scoring a goal in that first orange. (We have the actual celluloid of it somewhere.) And now, not only do Chris and his better half, Karen, actually have kids, but one of them is now a student at the Vail Mountain School?

I’m old.

As Freud brings it back, orange, though, really took off in 2000. The Gore Rangers were No. 9 in a 16-team tournament that year. VMS beat D’Evelyn, setting up a trip to No. 1 Colorado Academy.

Of course, the Gore Rangers had none chance. They were going to be road kill. Speaking of the road, Interstate 70 got one of those early autumn snowstorms and the highway was shut down.

This was cool for two reasons.

First, Tom Boyd, a VMS alum, was the sports reporter for the old Vail Trail and he got stuck on the wrong side of the pass, giving the Vail Daily better coverage. Boyd, now at the Vail Valley Foundation, will probably try to drown me in Homestake Creek during the Mountain Games in June for bringing this up again.

And despite the closure of I-70, there were still more VMS fans at CA than the hosts. And, it was orange of all different kinds. There was, of course, Broncos orange. Students were in Colorado Department of Transportation orange. There was even a parent in orange cashmere.

Yes, the reporter was wearing Giants’ orange.

And amidst the orange frenzy, the Gore Rangers took down No. 1 CA, 3-1. The thing that shocks me to this day is who scored. Oscar Alcantar and Danny Mackintosh had the first two tallies.

They were good kids and I’m sure they’re delightful and productive adults, but the odds of those two being the ones to score the goals had to be astronomical. This is the lesson — play well and anyone can be the hero.

For the trivia inclined, Wade Cheatham, a more likely source, scored the capper against CA that day.

Vail Mountain went on to lose to Faith Christian in the semis. Up in the press box at Englewood High School, a Denver reporter asked me, “What’s up with all those people in orange?” Orange was a thing.

Slade Cogswell scored the Gore Rangers’ only goal. And now Cogswell is a parent, too.

Freud slams his head against his desk.

Other notes

• CA smacked VMS, 5-0, last year in the Round of 16. Yes, this is motivation, but there’s an extra fact not in evidence. Center-back Sammy Gish got hurt during the previous round and that was a big factor.

The cult of center back lives at the Vail Mountain School on the pitch.

• The Gore Rangers will have Tess Johnson back. She was training with the U.S. Moguls Team last week. Coach Bob Bandoni said that she can’t play an entire game, but Tess is nice weapon to have off the bench.

• Wednesday’s game is on grass. Please remain calm, everyone. This is why beating Coal Ridge, 4-0, was such a big deal. VMS can play on grass and play well.

• The fight song for VMS includes the words, “Right on, Gore Rangers. Fight on, Gore Rangers.” That often gets translated incorrectly to “Ride on, Gore Rangers.” For the purposes of Wednesday’s game, though, ride on, Gore Rangers.

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