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VMS Spirit Week spotlight: Carder Lamb

VMS Lamb, Carder

Carder Lamb’s a veteran of Vail Mountain soccer. Not only is he a senior and a co-captain on this year’s team, but his brother, Colin, played for the school in the late-90s. Carder has an appreciation of VMS soccer history and hopes to make some himself. A strong finish, starting with Saturday’s traditional Spirit Week game against Aspen at 11 a.m., can propel the Gore Rangers into the state playoffs and the coveted orange jerseys the team breaks out for the postseason.

For more on Lamb, read on:

Date of birth: Jan. 8, 1991

Parents: George and Lizette Lamb

Brother: Colin, 26 (VMS, Class of 2001)

Position: Midfield

How’d you get into soccer? “It just kind of happened, growing up in Vail. It’s what everyone did ” rec league.”

What do you like about it now? “Probably the competition and the friendships you make. The connections you make with your team, you can’t make them anywhere else.”

What’s the season been like? “It’s been pretty rough. We had high hopes when we were talking with (coach Bob) Bandoni. last spring. It took a while for us because we haven’t played much together. It was a rough beginning, but now we’re looking like the VMS of old.”

What’s midfield like? “I kind of approach it as a marathon. It’s from the 18 to the 18. (Robert) Fitz, Ruben (Saucedo) and I try to work together to keep the link together (between the offense and the defense).”

Can you believe that you’re a senior and playing soccer at VMS? “I just can’t make that connection. It’s too strange to think I am the person that I used to watch when I was younger. It’s hard to imagine it’s me now, and it’s the last year I will play.”

What was it like when your brother was on the team? “I was pretty sweet. I felt a little bit more special than other kids because I knew a lot of the guys on the team.”

What’s it like to have Aspen always for Spirit Week? “It brings something special to the week. Vail and Aspen is big in absolutely everything. Those games are always the most intense.”

No playing goalie this year? “That’s great. I don’t know how Sean (Minett) deals with it every game.” (Ed. note: Due to injuries, Lamb played in goal in last year’s Aspen game and got a 2-0 shutout.)

How important is orange? “My brother was on the first team that wore orange. It would mean almost everything. We wore it once last year and it meant so much to the team. There’s a pride and joy of being associated with the alumni and the great teams of the past. It definitely feels different to wear orange.”

What is Bandoni like? “He is a man of many talents and long-winded responses. Most coaches, you remember what they taught you on the field, but you really form a special bond with Bandoni.”

Funniest teammate: “Forrest Graves. I cannot go a day without falling over laughing over something he says.”

Best moment in soccer: “Probably winning that first playoff game last year (against Lutheran Parker).”

Most embarrassing moment: “Back in the rec league days, I was playing goalie and I was trying to punt it and the kick went over my head and into the goal.”

Favorite subject: AP biology

Top college choices: University of San Diego, Duke and D.U.

Career plan: International medicine

Sports you watch: Baseball, hockey and basketball

Favorite athletes: Michael Ballack and Jason Varitek

Red Sox prediction: “(Beating) Tampa in six and then we win the Series in five.”

Favorite TV shows: “Family Guy” and “Scrubs”

Favorite movies: “Old School” and Fight Club”

Favorite movie star: “Jessica Alba before she got married. She broke my heart.”

Favorite music group: Dispatch

Favorite book: “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey

Favorite video game: Grand Theft Auto

Hobbies: “Everything you can do in Vail.”

Powder day, where do you go? “Millie’s Cliff near Blue Sky or the East Vail Chutes if they’re safe.”

Favorite food: Bagels and cream cheese

Favorite pizza slice: Green peppers, Canadian bacon and pineapple

Favorite color: Blue

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Maple

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “Probably world peace.”

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