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VMS Spirit Week spotlight: Chanda Wilcox

Daily file photoChanda Wilcox

Let’s hear it for a little parental pressure. Valli Wilcox insisted that her daughter Chanda play a port in high school, and thus, the Vail Mountain School is happy. Chanda is a middle blocker in the Gore Rangers’ big line. VMS has made a move in the 2A Slope, and will try to continue that today when the Gore Rangers host Plateau Valley at 3:30 p.m. as a part of Spirit Week. For more on Wilcox, read on:

Date of birth: June 2, 1991

Born in: Vail

Class: Junior

Parents: Valli and Willy Wilcox

Sibling: Reva, 19

Position: Middle blocker

What is the perfect spike like? “It just feels amazing. That’s what I play volleyball for, that feeling. It’s indescribable. Sometimes, it’s not a hard ball. Sometimes, it’s a smart ball.”

What got you into volleyball? “Actually, I started playing volleyball because my mom told me I had to play a sport at this school. The first day, I decided I loved it.”

What is this team like? “I feel like we’re not like a team. We’re more like a family.”

What are the van rides like? “They’re all over the place. Sometimes, people are sleeping. Sometimes, everyone’s talking and laughing.”

What is Mike Garvey like as a coach? “He’s a really good coach. He’s one of the people who inspired me to keep playing volleyball because he was my club coach. He really inspired me to want to do well.”

Funniest teammate: “Probably Molly (Etters) Axie (Navas) and Kelsey (Peck) together.”

Best moment in volleyball: “My best moment was when it finally just clicked. Everything just came together. It was in eighth day when everything clicked.”

Most embarrassing moment? “I actually have a lot of embarrassing moments. I don’t get too embarrassed, so none of them stick out. I have a lot of stupid mistakes.”

Favorite class: English

College interests: DU and Montana St.

Favorite team: Colorado Rockies

Favorite movie: “300”

Favorite book: “The Things They Carried”

Hobbies: Painting

Mac or PC: Mac

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni

Favorite color: Green

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Aspen

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I’d probably try to stop all the conflicts in the world.”

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