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VMS Spirit Week spotlight: David DeLine

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Happy Spirit Week/Homecoming, Vail Mountain. VMS soccer celebrates with its traditional match against Aspen Saturday at 11 a.m. at Bandoni Alumni Field. While the big question for soccer with finishing in the final third, a quiet and successful storyline in 2007 has also been a rock-solid defense. So, we give you co-captain David DeLine who is one of the anchors of this formidable unit. For the lowdown on DeLine, read on:

Date of birth: Nov. 28, 1989

Born in: Fort Collins

Parents: Ken and Nancy DeLine

Siblings: Cassidy, 21, and Cal. 11

What’s it like to be senior? “It’s great. I love it. Everyone looks up to you. By this point, you know all your teachers well.”

Applying to: Middlebury, Boston College, CU, DU, Texas, Southern Cal and UC-Santa Barbara.

Favorite subjects: History and psychology

Career plans: Business

What’s fun about soccer? “I love the competition of it. I’m competitive. It’s a great sport. You can see a team come together. This year has been great. There’s been huge improvement over the season. If you look at game film from our first game and last week, it looks like two different teams. Everyone has really progressed.”

Are you surprised by the team’s success? “Yes and no. It’s always great to go into Aspen and Basalt and beat those teams. Chris (Woods) and I were looking at Aspen and Basalt and we kind of knew we had a chance this year in league.”

How much are you looking forward to Aspen? “It’s always great to have Aspen for Homecoming. They’re our biggest rival. Everyone gets really fired up. Hopefully, that will help.”

What is Bob Bandoni like as a coach? “I’ve loved him as a coach. He’s been one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. I think he really understands the game. He’s never really happy after a game. He’s always pushing you. After we beat Basalt (on the road), he was talking about how we can get better to play Aspen.”

Best moment in soccer: “I would have to say it’s either beating Basalt in Basalt or last year’s Homecoming game against Aspen. We won in overtime, 3-2.”

Most embarrassing moment: “Earlier this season, the ball was rolling to me. I was the last guy. I came up to kick the ball. I missed the ball. The ball rolls behind me, and a Coal Ridge player picked it up and took it in and scored.”

Are you guys starting to talk about orange? “We have been. That’s been on our minds. That’s been our goal since the beginning of the season, trying to win the league and trying to make it to state. Ever since (freshman year in 2004), I’ve wanted to go back. It’s been one of my goals to get the team back there.”

Sports you like to watch: Hockey

Favorite team: Colorado Avalanche

Favorite athletes to watch: Joe Sakic and John Lynch

Favorite TV show: “That 70s Show”

Favorite movie: “Wedding Crashers”

Favorite movie star: Jessica Alba

Favorite book: “The Power of One”

Favorite type of music: Rock

Favorite video game: Guitar Hero

Hobbies: Skiing

Powder day, where do you go? “Back Bowls mostly ” Seldom, Red Square”

Mac or PC? Mac

Favorite Web site: YouTube

Favorite food: Filet mignon ” medium rare

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni

Favorite color: Blue

First word: Dada

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Blue spruce

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