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VMS Spirit Week spotlight: Elsie Macsata

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Elsie Macsata is a Vail Mountain lifer. She’s attended the school since kindergarten and that gives here a unique perspective on how volleyball has grown in her 13 years at the school. Lo and behold, time does fly though, and the senior is now on the volleyball team she watched for years. For more on Macsata, read on:

Date of birth: June 16, 1990

Born in: Vail

Parents: Jeanne and Bryan Macsata

What’s it like to be a senior? “I just can’t get over the fact I’m older now. I’ve looked up to so many other people that I can’t fathom it.”

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What’s it like looking at “big people” at VMS when you’re young? “I remember I was not a shy kid. I would go up to anybody and say, ‘Hi.’ I would be so intimidated by them, but once I said, ‘Hi,” they would be like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ They would be so nice.”

How tall was Tree (Lara Bossow) when you were growing up? “I have no idea, but I know when I spent a couple of days in the gym after school, I would always bounce around volleyballs. I would always try to dig some balls from her. She gave me a bloody nose countless times.”

What was it like seeing the volleyball program grow? “I got so pumped up. I remember when they (the Class of 2002 team) would play club, and once they got into high school, I was ‘I want to do this. I want to be here.'”

How neat is it to be on that varsity team? “It’s cool. I’m actually here now.”

What’s fun about volleyball? “It’s a team sport, but you have to have heart, dedication, mental strength, have a good attitude and be able to work with others. You have to go out and give your all. After a game, I feel so totally worn out. But it’s good.”

Position: Right-side hitter

What’s the perfect set and spike like? “I get so excited. ‘I can smash this'”

What was state like? “It was unbelievable. I know in districts I had to play for Aubrie Apple because she sick. I had to play back row. I was so scared. ‘I’m going in. OK.’ It was so intimidating, but once you get in … I want to go there again.”

What is Mike Garvey like as a coach? “He is so amazing. Before he came, we didn’t have a team. We barely had six people on the court. Now, we have 31. It’s grown so much when I first walked into the gym and saw people hitting a volleyball.”

Funniest teammate: Chanda Wilcox ” “She just lights up my day every time she walks in.”

How excited are you for Spirit Week? “I am so pumped up. I want to go out there.”

Favorite subject: AP calculus

Applying to: In-state schools ” “I definitely want to be in the Rockies.”

Career plans: “I want to be in coaching. I consider myself an athlete. I love sports. I love being athletic, active and outdoors, but I also have an artistic side. Maybe photography.”

Best moment in volleyball: Team bus rides

Most embarrassing moment: “We were on defense and I dug the ball, but I was slow rolling out of it. Molly (Etters) was trying to get over to the ball and set it. She tripped over me.”

Sports you watch: Hockey and football

Favorite teams: Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies

Favorite athlete: Mia Hamm

Favorite TV show: “House”

Favorite movies: “Mission Impossible III,” and “Guardian”

Favorite books: Harry Potter series

Powder day, where do you go? “Northstar and all those runs near Chair 11 and Back Bowls definitely.”

Mac or PC: Mac

Favorite Web site: Google

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni

Favorite colors: Green and purple

First word: Papa

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Maple ” “Because I love maple syrup.”

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I don’t know. I really wouldn’t want to rule the world. I vote, but that’s it.”

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