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VMS Spirit Week spotlight: Lynnie Somes

VMS Sames, Lynnie

Vail Mountain’s Lynnie Somes is multifaceted. When she started to talk about Saturday’s Spirit Week games, she broke into an analysis of VMS-Aspen soccer. We’re always happy to talk soccer ” and she pegged the game correctly ” but it’s surprising coming from a spiker whose team also has a huge game against Meeker Saturday. Somes likes many teams, including Kansas basketball for whom she is predicting a repeat title come winter.

For more on Somes, read on:

Date of birth: Aug. 4, 1991

Parents: Christie and Scott Somes

Siblings: Coulter, 20, and Courtney, 21

What’s it like to be a senior? “It’s a neat experience to finally be a senior because you always look up to the seniors, especially at a K-12 school. You really get to hang out with the little kids, and that’s a huge role.”

How big did the seniors look when you started at VMS? “They were huge. They were so grown up. It’s weird to think that I’m finally one of those big kids.”

Position: Outside hitter

What’s the perfect hit like? “I just get so excited when I see the perfect pass. Cynthia (Edgerton) makes the perfect set. I just focus on whatever I’m thinking about that day, whether it’s keeping my feet turning or putting my arm back. Once I take off, I swing as hard as I can. It’s the most-exhilarating feeling.”

What has this season been like? “The season started pretty rough. But as soon as we came together, we realized that there’s nothing we can’t do. We’re finally on an upward slope. We’ve won our last four games. I think we’re realizing what we can do.”

Best singers on the team: Clare Elich, Ande Brill and Brigitta Gehl

Funniest teammates: Elich and Betsy Batts

What is coach Mike Garvey like? “There are so many words. He’s really interested in you as a person and not just a player. He’s one of those coaches who goes out of his way to make sure you are all right. He relates to you on so much more than volleyball.”

Best moment in volleyball: “It was probably the win against Vail Christian when I felt like the team was so excited. I’d also say the friendships we’ve formed and the time we’ve had together.”

Most embarrassing moment: “Probably tripping over my feet when I was just running. That’s awkward. And singing and missing at the ball and having it land on my head.”

Goal for the team: “Our goal is to go to the state tournament. We want to be at our peak at districts and I think we’re on that road.”

Favorite subjects: English and art

College plans: Kansas

Do the Jayhawks repeat in basketball? “Of course.”

Possible career: Business and/or fashion design

Favorite athletes: Amanda Borden and Shawn Johnson

Favorite TV shows: “That 70s Show,” “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill”

Favorite movies: “The Usual Suspects” and “Cars”

Favorite movie star: Rachel McAdams

Favorite music: Rock

Favorite book: Harry Potter

Favorite Web site: Facebook

Hobbies: Sports and painting

Powder day, where do you go? “Go sledding.”

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite pizza slice: Hawaiian

First word: “I assume it was Mom.”

Favorite color: Blue

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? An aspen or a weeping willow

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I’d just have everyone relax.”

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