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VMS spotlight – Michael Busenhart

To say that Vail Mountain goalie Michael Busenhart made splash in his debut is an understatement. Two years ago, as a green freshman, he came off the bench cold to face a penalty kick against Basalt. He made the save. And, Boozi, as he’s been known since the seventh grade, has continued to make the big saves between the pipes, just as long as stairs are not involved.

For more on Boozi, read on:

Date of birth: April 29, 1986

Parents: Michael and Nancy Busenhart

Born in: New York, moved to Boulder when he was 3 and entered VMS in the sixth grade.

Siblings: Matt, 26, and David, 28

What was it like as the youngest?: “I got picked on a lot. We had a favorite game, where I’d ride my bike around in circles and they’d try to knock me off by throwing balls at me.”

What is the allure of standing in front of the net and having people fire soccer balls as hard as they can at you? “I don’t know. I’ve played it since I was 7 and loved it ever since.”

Does it hurt?: “Sometimes. But, I don’t know. I get over it.”

What’s it like when your defense breaks down? “You get a little anxious. You get scared sometimes when you see 5-on-2 breaks.”

How about penalty kicks?: “Penalty kicks are one of my favorite things. The pressure’s on the kicker. If you make the save, it looks great. If you don’t, it’s not your fault.”

The Freshman-year save: “It was pretty much a blur. I don’t know how it happened. The adrenaline. The excitement. I just saw it and, the next second, it was in my hands.”

Best saves: “That one would be up there. Also, a save I had last year at Roaring Fork. It was a cross and somehow I got a hand on it and saved it. Also, the one against Machebeuf (in a state-seeding game where Boozi leapt in the air and fisted the ball over the crossbar.)

What’s it like to be the starting goalie: “It’s a bit more of a leadership role. It’s a lot more of a burden on my shoulders. If I make a mistake, it seems to affect more of the whole team. I can’t really blame it on my age any more.”

How do you work with the back?: “Duncan (Robinson) and I both, during games, direct people. He talks a lot more than I do. I have a problem with being silent at times. I’ll make sure people are where I want them.”

How excited are you for Homecoming?: “We’re real excited. We think (St. Mary’s is) a very good team and we think we can beat them and give them a good match.”

What’s the expectation for this team?: “(Orange) is the main goal for everyone. Orange at the end of the year. That’s what we talk about all the time in practice. This for the orange.” (Ed. note: Orange is VMS-speak for the postseason.)

Funniest moment on the field: “I’m a klutz. I do a lot of dumb things some times. First practice this year, spraining my ankle. It’s funny, but …”

Most embarrassing moment: Falling down the stairs of his house freshman year and breaking his leg, thus missing skiing season

Favorite subject: History

Career plans: Medicine – “I’ve hurt myself a lot, so I’ve been to many hospitals.”

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite food: Flank steak – medium rare – with baked potatoes

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni

Favorite drink: Lemonade

Favorite color: Red

Sports you watch: College football and basketball

Favorite college football team: CU Buffs

Favorite basketball team: Arizona

Favorite goalie: Tim Howard

Hobbies: Skiing – Competes on VMS skiing team

Powder day, where do you go?: Blue Sky Basin

Favorite type of music: “Just about everything.”

Favorite movie: Braveheart

Favorite actor: Bruce Willis

Favorite Web site: Soccer.com

Favorite video game: Atari 2600 – “It’s kind of an inside joke. (The team) thinks I look like the kid from Road Rules, the kid on the Atari shirt.”

Favorite book: Endurance

Favorite ice cream: Mint-chocolate chip

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Redwood

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “Take the day off.”

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