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Warren Miller’s ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ comes to Vilar Center, Nov. 25-26

Phil Lindeman

If you go ...

What: “Here, There and Everywhere,” the 67th film from Warren Miller Entertainment.

When: Three showings: 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25, and 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 26.

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center, 68 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek.

Cost: $19.

More information: Purchse tickets at the Vilar Performing Arts Center box office, by calling 970-845-8497 or at http://www.vilarpac.org.

The details

“Here, There and Everywhere” is narrated by Jonny Moseley and features Warren Miller. Shooting locations included California, Colorado, Utah, Montana, British Columbia, Switzerland, Fenway Park in Boston, Alaska and Greenland with the following athletes:

• JT Holmes

• Jeremy Jones

• Jonny Moseley

• Ingrid Backstrom

• Wendy Fisher

• Aaron Blunck

• Chris Anthony

• Kaylin Richardson

• Tyler Ceccanti

• Collin Collins

• Keith Curtis

• Jess McMillan

• Grete Eliassen

• Marcus Caston

• Matt Elliott

• Ryland Bell

• Morgan Hebert

• Seth Wescott

• Rob Kingwill

• Daron Rahlves

Editor’s note: To see the trailer and more photos from “Here, There and Everywhere,” visit this story at http://www.vaildaily.com.

BEAVER CREEK — Few things compare to a powder day at your hometown ski area, but nothing compares to a powder day with a Warren Miller film crew.

During the thick of the ski season last year — right after an early spring storm brought more than a foot of fresh to Crested Butte — the small ski town’s newest superstar, Colorado native and Olympic superpipe finalist Aaron Blunck had the opportunity of a lifetime. He’d been in Canada filming for another video when the Warren Miller folks emailed him about their session with Ingrid Backstrom and Wendy Fisher.

Blunck was hesitant at first, but when conditions in Canada turned sour, he hopped on the first plane back to Colorado for his debut Warren Miller segment: freeskiing his home mountain.

“I was stoked,” Blunck said of the invite. “I’d been traveling all over the place that winter, so I was pretty run down, but since it was Warren Miller and I might never have a chance to do this again, I said yes. You have to do it at least once.”

[iframe width=”640” height=”360” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/8K18wS77GQ0” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe]

Pros having fun

Chances are us Average Joes and Janes will never know what it’s like to film with Warren Miller — and that’s exactly why the legendary production house continues to wow audiences around the world. Blunck’s collection of Crested Butte face shots, cliff drops and park jumps is featured in Warren Miller’s 67th film, “Here, There and Everywhere.” It’s a typical Warren Miller extravaganza, with nine locations and 20-plus athletes — expect everything from Blunck at Crested Butte to Seth Wescott in Greenland to big-air skiers at Boston’s Fenway Park — and it debuts locally this weekend, with three screenings at the Vilar Performing Arts Center on Friday, Nov. 25, and Saturday, Nov. 26.

For Blunck, filming with the Warren Miller team was different from anything he’s done on skis. More often than not, he’s trying to push the boundaries in front of the camera by going bigger, faster and higher than the rest. With “Here, There and Everywhere,” the perfect segment was all about capturing the absolute joy of simply skiing the good stuff.

“I wouldn’t say there was any pressure,” Blunck said of the multi-day shoot, held in-bounds on terrain he knows well: Teocalli Bowl, Paradise Bowl and more. “I always come to Crested Butte between competitions because there really is no pressure. Here, I can just go and ski, not worry about anything else — just have me and the mountains.”

The return of Warren

Along with the usual — Blunck’s favorite part is Wescott’s surreal trip to Greenland’s most remote peaks — “Here, There and Everywhere” features interviews with Miller himself. Throughout the film, the legend steps in front of the camera to spin yarns about 67 years of capturing everything he loves about winter sports.

“This is a special year for Warren Miller Entertainment,” managing director Andy Hawk said in a release. “For the first time in a dozen years, we are thrilled to return to the screen with the support and inclusion of the patriarch of winter stoke, Warren Miller. This year’s project has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity for the athletes, film crew and staff who were able to work directly with him again.”

Blunck wasn’t one of the lucky few to work with Miller, but he hopes to be featured in another film soon.

“It was a cool experience, and I hope that it works out that I can film again,” Blunck said of his time with the crew. “With Warren Miller, regardless of how the film comes out, the company is so large and so diverse that they show all sides of the sport. I’d love to keep working with them.”

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