WATCH: Lindsey Vonn takes ski ballet lessons from Jonny Moseley in Vail |

WATCH: Lindsey Vonn takes ski ballet lessons from Jonny Moseley in Vail

Two skiing legends were spotted on Vail mountain training for a different discipline

Lindsey Vonn and Jonny Moseley were spotted during a ski ballet lesson on Vail Mountain.
Screen shot from Lindsey Vonn’s YouTube page

Lindsey Vonn may have announced her retirement from competitive ski racing earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean she’s hanging up her skis.

In fact, she’s diversifying her skill set on two planks, with the help of fellow skiing legend Jonny Moseley. The two were recently spotted on Vail Mountain, where Moseley was giving Vonn a lesson in ski ballet.

Moseley, who Ski Mag ranked in its Top 10 Most Influential Skiers of All Time, is most known for being a pioneer of freestyle tricks. His guidance will help top off Vonn’s accomplishments on skis, which include 82 World Cup wins and three Olympic medals spread across all five competitive disciplines of Alpine skiing.

What is ski ballet?

Formerly an Olympic sport, ski ballet is much like the name suggests: mimicking traditional ballet moves while traveling downhill on a pair of skis. Skis are much bigger and heavier than your traditional ballet slippers, making a pirouette all the more tricky. Add a partner to the scenario, and things quickly change from graceful to comical.

… but why?

Who knows? Maybe this power duet can create enough attention to revive a once-Olympic sport. Maybe, with enough training, there will be another chapter to add to both of their decorated skiing careers. Or maybe they’re just having fun. Only time will tell.

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