WATCH: Ski & Tee in Vail, Eagle County |

WATCH: Ski & Tee in Vail, Eagle County

There are a few more weeks left to ski and golf in the same day in Eagle County before the last course calls it for the season

I believe there’s a rule, somewhere, that seasonal changes cannot be described as “serendipitous”. Though that’s exactly how it felt on a weekend where Vail Mountain opened to the skiers, and Eagle Ranch Golf Club closed to the golfers.

As someone who finds himself on the links often in the warmer months, the transition was palpable, with a passing of the torch confirmed by early sunsets and frosty mornings. Meanwhile, the golf bag is dirty, tattered and highly disorganized (though, luckily, still containing a few balls) while the boards are freshly waxed and the bindings are set.

Jeffrey Zwolenski tees off hole number five at Eagle Ranch Golf Club on closing weekend.
Sean Naylor/

But before we officially hang up one for the other, Eagle County residents are among those in the mountain west who can enjoy both in one day, if only for short periods during the late fall and late spring. And there are some of us who really like to ski & tee.

Vail Mountain had some decent patches of snow on opening weekend.
Sean Naylor/Vail Daily

The order isn’t what’s important; you can do it in the reverse method too. I’m a twilight golfer, so I like to be out there until the sun goes down anyways. Yet with earlier sunsets come time constraints, so we took our time on the mountain as we joyfully lapped Ramshorn and Swingsville before we showed up for a 2:24 p.m. tee time, and got nine holes in just before the sun set on Eagle Ranch Golf Club’s closing weekend.

November conditions were sunny and warm for the closing weekend at Eagle Ranch Golf Club.
Sean Naylor/

It’s not too late, there’s one last holdout

It should be noted that even though Eagle Ranch Golf Club is now officially closed, there’s still some time left to do a ski & tee at Gypsum Creek Golf Course, which is just 35 miles west of Vail.

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According to Operations Manager Christy Martin, the valley’s last holdout for golf will be open through Thanksgiving, as they typically close the following Sunday. “After that, the grass stops growing, and a divot is a divot,” Martin said.

As the season winds down, tee times lessen. Gypsum Creek is currently booking tee times daily between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Carts are currently due back by 4:30 p.m., according to Martin. “The sun is going down just a little before 5 p.m. down here and we don’t want our staff out there when it’s dark and cold,” she said.

Martin says though things have been busy all season at Gypsum Creek, the ski and tee crowd is just starting to migrate their way.

“On the shoulder seasons, people will come from as far as A-Basin, but to honest we haven’t seen the ski and tee crowd much yet.“

Now that Eagle Ranch Golf Club is closed for the winter, Martin anticipates some of the flock to head their way, and has been starting groups on the back nine so they can get more sunlight.

“We’ll be happy to take their group pics with skis and golf clubs,” she laughed.



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