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Weiskopf designs course for Frost Creek

Bret Hartman/Vail DailyGolf course designer Tom Weiskopf, 62, speaks in an interview recently at the Adam's Rib Ranch office in Eagle about the new Adam's Mountain Country Club golf course.

EAGLE Tom Weiskopf’s easy style and commanding demeanor make believing his golf course designs are nothing if not smooth and natural. He’s been involved in more than 50 golf courses in his design career.

From the top of the vista, it’s evident that the Adam’s Mountain Country Club at Adam’s Rib Ranch will be spectacular. Frost Creek runs through the property like a wisps of smoke generated from a cowboy’s campfire that’s been sitting overnight.

There are two benches available for development on the Adam’s Mountain Country Club site. From the top bench, most of the golf holes will be within eyeshot, providing members with a scenic treat. The bottom of the bench shows golf holes spreading out like the fingers of a hungry child, seeking a treat from a harried mother. The higher of the two benches characterizes the front nine holes on the golf course. The back nine are separate in that very few of the golf holes are side-by-side.There are man-made lakes in the works for both the golf course and the neighborhood development. The “wide, soft scale” of the project constricts neither golf course or housing development. High chaparral, offset by rock formations in both canyon and stream setting, allow this diverse property a chance for unique development. Weiskopf said the “ridge holes” and elevation change characterize the golf course and the best views from the parcel haven’t been sacrificed for either the homes or the golf course. One of the best parts, according to Weiskopf, is that long mountain vistas are evident with parts or all of a golf hole in the line of sight.Words like “beautiful, unique and picturesque” flow from Weiskopf easily when referring to the development on Frost Creek, south of Eagle.Extras like a driving range, also with a spectacular view, will be included within the golf course footprint. “This is a very special piece of property,” Weiskopf said. “It’s rare to have a perfect balance of property development and golf in the same project.”The intent is to have some of the holes “grassed” this year, but of course, that is subject to lots of factors. The goal is to have the clubhouse and most of the course completed before all the homesites are sold.In terms of acres, the golf course will encompass roughly 110 acres. Normally, golf courses are set upon smaller parcels, ranging from 70 to 85 acres. Weiskopf said by having such a large amount of turf, the golf course will be quite forgiving. And in terms of playability, the course will have several different sets of tees for players of different skill levels. Ranging from 7,300 yards from the championship tees, to 6,700 yards for the back tees to a more moderate 6,200 yards and 5,800 yards all the way to 5,300 yards on the forward tees, this course will fit everyone. Settling in at a par-72, the holes are evenly divided. there will be ten par-4s, four par-5s and 4 par-3s.”This is designed to be a member’s golf course,” Weiskopf said. “It will be challenging, but fair.”Traditionally styled bunkers and subtle green contours accentuate the medium to large greens. Trouble on both left and right makes the course challenging without giving certain playing styles an advantage, said Weiskopf.”Each hole is unique unto itself,” Weiskopf said. “Fred (Kummer) has given me a great palette to work with. The contractor, and the people involved in this project have been a perfect fit.” Long vistas with lots of grass will be a strong selling point to the golf course homesites. Weiskopf said many of the golf holes on the course will be showcased in the views from each of the homes in the development. There will be about 400 memberships available to the Adam’s Mountain Country Club, derived from the owners of the homesites around the golf course. Also included in the development will be cottages available to property owners within the development. These cottages will be available for rent, allowing homeowners in the development a chance to entertain extended family and friends without them having to either have them stay in town or at the homeowner’s own home. The idea is to have more moderately-sized homes (4,000 sq. ft.) with fewer bedrooms and the opportunity to rent another house for guests. Vail Colorado

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