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Welcome back, Devils, Huskies, Gore Rangers and Saints

Chris Freud

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” I played a lot of golf this summer and finally broke 100 ” more than once. How was your summer?

And speaking of golf, Battle Mountain and Eagle Valley teed off Monday for tryouts which means, believe it or not, high school sports are back. Since this marks my 12th year ” yikes, I’m getting old ” on the scene, here’s how we at the Vail Daily try to cover the ever-growing world of Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, the Vail Mountain School and Vail Christian, and what you can do to help us.

Meet Ian

I’m going to be spending the next 9 months or so, covering the Huskies in Eagle-Vail as well as VMS and Vail Christian. Why mess with a good routine?

Ian will be covering Eagle Valley and the outdoors beat, as well as being in Edwards ” the Saints finally have a new gym ” and in East Vail occasionally. The kicker is that we have a new Ian.

Ian Cropp, alas, left the Daily during the summer for the East Coast and his beloved Boston Red Sox and Buffalo Sabres. So meet Ian Smith, late of the Ottumwa (Iowa) Courier, who has joined our ranks.

A graduate of the University of Iowa ” go Hawkeyes ” our new Ian has covered high school and college sports, though for some reason, he is a big New York Yankees and Denver Broncos fan. (One of these days, I am going to hire a San Francisco sports fan.)

Ian and I are going to do our best to be at all home games for the four schools as the schedule allows. Traditional disclaimer ” Murphy’s Law is always in play when it comes to prep sports with everyone being at home on the same day and on the road the next.

So, coaches, if you don’t see us at home games or are on the road, it is vital that you give us a ring after games. Battle Mountain, VMS and Vail Christian coaches, call me at 970-748-2934, and those who go by the mantra “Ain’t it great to be a Devil,” dial up Ian at 970-748-2935.

Tough decisions

In a perfect world, we’d be able to have a staff big enough to be everywhere for everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, and the games which we cover in person do not indicate any bias on our part. We love you all.

The first determinant is what we call “double local.” Any Battle Mountain-Eagle Valley, Vail Christian-Vail Mountain game or some combination of the four becomes our top priority. (By the way, this is the appropriate time to remind everyone that we do not consider Vail Christian or VMS to be “small” schools worthy of less coverage. If you want proof of the intensity of these 2A teams and their fans, go to East Vail Sept. 23 when the Gore Rangers host the Saints in volleyball.)

Rule No. 2 is that we emphasize conference games over nonconference ones. And as the year develops, we’re going to give more weight to games which will have an impact on the season.

If there is a day when we have to choose between Eagle Valley soccer hosting Steamboat Springs, while Battle Mountain volleyball has Rifle, it’s soccer. Devils soccer is going to be battling it out with Steamboat and some team in Eagle-Vail ” I think the coach likes Manchester United ” for the league title. While the volleyball match is a conference tilt, Rifle hasn’t won a league game since people were working out with a Walkman attached to their hip, hence the decision.

We don’t like having to do this, but, as VMS’ Bob Bandoni says, “It is what it is.” It’s also another reason we encourage coaches to call in with results.

No, no, no…

And now for our annual debunking of myths.

Chris Freud bleeds Huskies’ black and gold ” No. Actually Giants’ orange, Niners’ red and Sharks teal, based on the season. Stop it, people. I get paid regardless of the result. Eagle Valley football is beating Battle Mountain on Oct. 24. (Happy birthday, Mom, and the sound you just heard was Huskies football coach David Joyce putting this column on the bulletin board.)

I’m actually really excited about soccer. Mark your calendars now ” Oct. 16. It’s Eagle Valley at Battle Mountain on the final day of the season with the Huskies’ streak of four-straight league titles on the line. Should be fun.

The Vail Daily can get my kid into college ” I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how I need to write about certain kids so that college scouts will give them scholarships. This is pure fiction. If a college is looking at a kid, it is talking to coaches, not reporters. If you want to get into college, do your best at sports, but study even harder and do well on your SATs and/or ACTs.

You like it when we lose ” Huh? No, it doesn’t make our day to see a local football team lose, 61-14. Do you have any idea of how hard that story is to write? If the local team wins, 61-14, the story writes itself, the coach doesn’t blame me for the loss and all our readers think I’m a brilliant writer when they see the story in print.

You don’t cover JV ” Actually, that’s true. We wish we could, but we have a hard enough time keeping up with 15 varsity teams in the fall alone. If you want to see JV coverage, send your pictures and write-ups to cfreud@vaildaily.com and we will run them in Sports Around the Town every Thursday.

My first 11 years here have been a blast covering Eagle Valley and Vail Christian football playoff wins, watching VMS knock off No. 1 Colorado Academy in the state quarterfinals in 2000, being on the floor of the Denver Coliseum with all four schools at state volleyball and so on. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen this year.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 748-2934 or cfreud@vaildaily.com.

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